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10 Things to Look for When Buying a Smartwatch

by Nina Smith

Are you a proud smartwatch owner? If not, do you plan on adding it to your list? It is an amazing birthday idea, as well ideal for guys who wish to look attractive at all times. Nowadays, there are loads of different kinds that you can go for. All options have their pros & cons, and each watch is different and unique in its own way. Want to get one for yourself, or for your loved ones? Keep on reading and understand some basic rules when it comes to making your next purchase!

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10 Things to look for when buying a smartwatch

1. Operating system

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Not everyone knows this, but different operating systems operate at their own pace & way. What is your experience going to be like, and do you have a favorite already? As you know by now, owning an Android or an iOS device is quite different, and the same rule applies to your watches. Do you want to connect your watch to your phone as well? Make sure that you look into different possibilities, and understand your options. Not every smartwatch is as compatible with older phone models, so do your research before you make your purchase.

2. Its display

Do you prefer larger or smaller screens? What do you wish for in your display? Smartwatches come in two forms of displays, also known as LCD or AMOLED display. Do you want a simpler monochrome version, or do you prefer color? LCD displays are a lot brighter and perfect for those who love shiny options, but they will drain your battery. If you need longevity you might want to stick to AMOLED kinds.

3. Interface

Their interface is available in two options: touchscreen and buttons. Do you love to press buttons, or do you enjoy a vibrant screen that you can navigate through with one press and touch of a screen? For new generations, touchscreens are way easier to control and navigate, according to superwatches and most gen Z’s prefer touchscreens. Where do you stand when it comes to this feature, and how important is an interface to you?

4. Design

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Well, speaking of design, how fashionable do you want it and need it to be? This is not only a gadget, it is a statement in your everyday life! Can you pair it with ease, and does it look great with your outfit? Does your manufacturer have your favorite color in stock, what is the size like, and what are your favorite options when it comes to its material & durability? Every person is different, so make sure that you list out your priorities when it comes to your design.

5. Alerts

Do you need your smartwatch to do most things for you, such as to receive texts & incoming calls? Do you need it to wake you up, and do you need it to count your calories as well? How advanced do you want it to be, and what are your everyday priorities and alerts? A lot of businessmen and workaholics will appreciate its vast & overwhelming set of options. Sometimes, the more the merrier is the case!

6. Compatible

Apple Watches only work with iPhones, as you probably know. On the other hand, you can find Samsung or Pola watches easily compatible and adjustable to Android and iOS phones. Proper research is imperative in this case since you don’t want to spend a fortune and experience issues of any kind when it comes to your everyday use. Understand its compatibility and find the best model for your buck.

7. Price point

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You have to find something that suits your budget and meets your criteria. In most cases, you will pay around $200 and $450 for your new model. This can seem like a lot of money at first, but you should truly think about all the perks that come with your purchased item. Think about all the fitness, music, and communications features! Often a smartwatch will have a GPS, as well as NFC. What are your priorities, and do they match your budget?

8. Battery life

Battery life remains one of the biggest complaints and issues about most models. Usually, its battery is around 1-2 days (full days). Some models can go for five days without the need for a charge, but they will demand that you shut down and put on hold most of your favorite features (just as it is the case with your phone). Do you hate to charge your gadgets, and are you forgetful? Make sure to go for something with a longer battery lifespan.

9. Fitness update

Are you a fitness freak? How important are fitness activity tracking options to you? If they are just know that you can log your steps, calories, and workouts with the right model! Some pricier models will also have a heartbeat monitor, and other kinds are waterproof or water-resistant. Do you need your watch to count your steps, and do you prefer all the fancy updates? Make the purchase according to your needs.

10. NFC

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Last, but not least, do you want the NFC feature? This little trick allows you to pay for things without even reaching for your credit card or your wallet, and at any given moment. Simply place your watch to the reader and enjoy your day while on the go! This works with most apps & in different stores, although it is a newer & more advanced feature that helps save time and is ideal for minimalists, or those who are often forgetting their wallets.