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10 Business Growth Marketing Strategies You Can Implement in 2024

by Tracy Finke

As each year commences, scaleups and startups are always alert for the most effective marketing growth strategies to implement throughout the entire year. However, the interest in using the best marketing techniques should remain for twelve months, without fading along the way at the middle of the year.

However, your primary focus should be attracting more customers and involving them in every action. This blog discusses ten business growth marketing strategies worth implementing in 2024. The strategy will help you unlock success and growth potential in your business.

1. Content Repurposing

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To create traffic on your website, you have to deliver quality content. Content repurposing involves reusing a part of an entire old article to expand its accessibility. The concept of reusing content assists in saving resources, time and money, while achieving a lot more.

After all, your potential customers and target audience might have many similarities; however, they might prefer different methods when it comes to learning. Some will listen to a 20 minutes’ podcast; others prefer reading in-depth articles or looking at a nifty infographic.

When you repurpose your content into various forms, it becomes fit for many channels; this is an excellent way of growing your influence in different segments of your audience. Getting started with professional podcasting for your brand is easy when you have a podcast hosting solution to help you deliver, check out: https://libsyn.com/libsynpro-enterprise-podcasting/.

2. Referral Program

Referral marketing is an effective way of boosting lead generation. It involves applying a systematic approach to influence people in telling others about your services and products. You can achieve this by implementing partner, customer referral, or particular affiliate programs in your marketing structure.

These programs will help to grow a customer base by providing instant credibility to active clients. Referrals can also be featured through testimonials, positive reviews, and organic word of mouth. They don’t automatically happen; basically, a company has to offer incentives to motivate people to talk about your service and products.

Interestingly, referrals are not costly; you can also offer a non-monetary reward to your customers as incentives. For example, send an invite to your upcoming webinar.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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According to Nine Peaks B2B SEO is one of the most effective strategies in growing your customer base in 2024. Companies should try every possible way to apply content marketing along with various channels.

Currently, SEO has become more critical since most users search for products and services on Google. Thus, there is a need to invest in an SEO strategy to make your website appear on page 1 heavily. Some crucial tips to ensure SEO work with your website include;

  • Testing all buttons and links to ensure they are active
  • Ensure the website is mobile-friendly
  • Create quality content
  • Add backlinks to the site

4. Google Upcoming Update Optimization

Currently, Google has an update where new metrics known as core web vitals will start measuring the level of content stability, site loading speed, and interactivity; this will impact the general rankings.

As a business, avoid anything that has the possibility of evoking negative feelings to your page users, as this could make your website rank low in search results. You have to put more effort into ensuring your brand is user-friendly.

If you want to rank on the top of a page in search results, ensure the loading speed of your elements and website is high to avoid keeping users waiting. There should be no delay, and users should access your pages as fast as possible.

5. Sell On Social Media

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Social commerce is another trend with significant implications. Most social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have launched shops, making it possible for users to buy directly. Social media allows your marketing team to place your services and products near potential customers.

In-app shopping across various social media channels helps retailers lower the friction between the product and purchase.

6. Gamification

It’s amongst the best strategies that will help grow your business in 2024. Gamification makes users spend more time on your website while signing up for your service. Most users, no matter their age, enjoy playing games. Thus, adding fun to your site will go a long way in boosting your brand.

Businesses can win customers through badges, points, and ranks representing achievements or elements of competition; this will lure them into engaging and purchasing a particular service or product. Also, it increases customer retention and makes users share about your service and products with friends and relatives.

7. Live Experiences

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Leave alone content-generating interactions; live experiences will give you excellent outcomes. 2024 is the year to invest in this method of formatting videos due to its enormous impact. The target audience can interact as they watch your content.

It leads to a feeling of importance and urgency, as users tend to acknowledge the content as more valuable when in this format. Your audience won’t want to miss out on any of your content, thus creating more sales.

If you want to maximize the outcome, provide a chance of interactions. Go ahead and answer the questions of your clients in a Q&A session. You can also utilize the comment section to trigger more interactions.

8. Email Marketing

It’s a strategy where businesses customize marketing messages to generate leads via emails. Build mailing lists of potential clients at different stages and feed each with relevant content according to their level. Email marketing focuses on providing quality content to the audience, discounts and keeps customers rising through the stages.

If your business has just launched a new service or product, promoting it through email marketing can be a great way. Currently, email marketing is an essential tool in marketing due to its effectiveness in nurturing leads.

9. Building Community

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It’s a growth strategy that involves building a community around your services and products. These people frequently use your products and services; thus, you can interact with them and seek opinions. The community accelerates your growth by sharing your posts and blogs, testing new products, and getting feedback from friends and relatives.

Creating an online community will connect you with potential clients. You can build these communities via social media platforms or forums where you initiate discussion on particular topics.

10. Focus On Retaining Customers

The events of 2024 had a massive impact on businesses; if you are one of them and you are still struggling, it might be helpful to start focusing on existing clients. Consider coming up with loyalty incentives or pushing notifications on smartphones using Reteno automation platform, encouraging customers to download your app and purchase every day.
Putting a little effort to make your existing clients happy is less costly compared to getting new ones.