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Business Cards: Powerful Marketing Tools You Should be Using Today

by Dangula Bingula

Business cards have always been a way to keep businesses in front of as many eyeballs as possible. They’ve always been a way of telling potential customers you’d like them to remember your business in the future.

Today, nothing much has changed. Passing out business cards can be an enormously effective way to build brand awareness and drive sales. With so many card stocks and specialty print options, like the ones offered at GotPrint, you’re sure to make an impression with small details. But in what specific ways can these cards be used as powerful marketing tools? Here’s where we attempt to answer that question for you.

Business Cards Let You Display Testimonials


Testimonials are an effective way to let your future customers know how great your services are. People are typically a little hesitant when it comes to trusting brands they’ve not interacted with in the past. The trend (is this supposed to say tread?) with care, and it’s your job to encourage them to trust you. So, infuse your home page content with a few exciting testimonials. Smiling, happy customers on your home page can do wonders for your business.

With that being said, you also should have one or two testimonials on your business cards. If you don’t have them currently, make sure to have them added as soon as possible. Additionally, your social media accounts may also carry a few testimonials, endorsements, and reviews.

Business Cards Present You (Literally) as the Face of Your Business

Giving someone a business card is great. But what’s the point if they can’t remember who gave them the card? People tend to hoard business cards, and you can’t expect them to remember what you looked like months or years after you met.

Having a photo of yourself on the card helps them instantly revisit the time and place where you first met. Once that happens, your card ceases to be just a piece of high-quality paper. It becomes a memory that connects them with someone (you) whose business they might want to patronize. Besides the business card, you can include it in your business and leaflet, for more information you can visit here.

They Help You Position Yourself as a Caring Brand


Consumers these days increasingly want to support organizations that seem to care genuinely about people. So, let your business card design tell the world about the cause(s) you’re passionate about.

Maybe you’re passionate about feeding the hungry and homeless. Or you’re interested in saving the Earth through supporting anti-logging initiatives. Or you’re interested in helping underserved families in Uganda or wherever freely access clean water.

It serves as a benefit to you if potential customers and even investors associate your business with worthy causes. You come across as a business that truly values people. They’ll think that cause is part of what drives you. As a result, you’ll likely find more support for the cause you support and see increased sales.

Point People to Your Location While Promoting Your Products


Another critical component of a well-thought-out business card is contact information. Always make sure your cards have your social media handles, cell phone numbers, email address, and physical location info. Your website’s address should also be included so that people can perform direct web searches.

And if there’s a particular product you promote perennially, be sure to include that info, too. Promise a hefty discount, free delivery, free return shipping, or reduced prices for large orders. Start looking at these little tools as an offline marketing strategy that supports your online marketing efforts.


Business cards aren’t just a way of letting people know you’re associated with a certain organization. They’re a mighty marketing tool that can deliver great results if leveraged properly.