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How To Come up With Inventive Ideas

by William Gist

The biggest misconception about coming up with inventive ideas is probably the fact that most people think that it’s impossible if you aren’t a genius. But, as we stated, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as not all inventive ideas are related to breathtaking scientific changes that changed the world for the better.

Most inventive ideas have made it easier for humanity to perform a certain task or help them with a certain thing. And while the thought process does involve a “eureka” moment, any person can do it, regardless of how smart he/she is.

What Are Ideas?


There are various definitions of what an idea actually is, but some categorize it as a connection between two concepts. You see, an Idea is closely related to creativity. Most people that have come up with an idea are guilty because they simply saw something and it seemed obvious to them. But that’s just speaking generally about ideas, and we’re here to talk about inventive ideas.

So what can be categorized as an inventive idea? The definition of the word “inventive” is having or showing the ability to come up with new methods that can be eighter creative or imaginative. If we pair that with the concept of an idea, we can come up with something as follows:

An inventive idea is a concept of connecting new methods, creative or imaginative, that can somehow improve or better humanity. Since at the core we have humanity and improvement, we can safely assume that the main use of this concept is to come up with something that will improve our lives.

We are going to discuss how to come up with inventive ideas, but for more information about how you can be guided throughout the process, we suggest you visit this site.

1. Be Creative


Coming up with great inventions requires constant brainstorming. But don’t do it blankly, rather try and unleash the kid inside you. Make a commitment to revive your innovative voice, and try to think in a way that you haven’t before. Simply said, unleash your creativity and let it take over you.

2. Think Like a Traveler


There are so many things obvious to us that we simply cannot notice them. Instead of being obvious to our surroundings, try to view them as they are as if this is the first time you’re seeing them. Try to gain new knowledge by exposing yourself to new channels of information.

Read books, watch videos, and read information about other unrelated industries because most inventive ideas have come up by pairing two unrelated concepts. Take this example, the head of a London hospital enjoyed watching Formula One. But he was so impressed with the speed and precision of the pit crew, that he asked them to help the hospital staff members to improve their speed and precision in handling anything from surgery patients to intensive care units.

3. Daydream


The opposite of daydreaming would be sitting on your buttocks all day doing nothing. Those that aspire to things are those that will most likely come up with inventive ideas. Stop being a slacker and start engaging. Step away from your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc, and try to allow your mind to wander off. Neuro-psychology says that those with a relaxed mind are mostly prone to flashes of insight. And these flashes are the things that can help you come up with great ideas that will better humanity.