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3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Using Employee Monitoring Software

by Susan Seymour

When it comes to software that can monitor us in general, we tend to be very cautious and even displeased with them. Most of us are reluctant to permit tracking of anything we do, let alone every step, click, movement and activity.

What most of us don’t know is that tracking software is everywhere and it all starts with a device called a smartphone. Apps and software in our phones are built around tracking and providing the best possible experience out there. With these features, all of us have the exact information we are looking for right on the spot and we do not need to waste time looking for it. We are improving ourselves and saving time looking for things that we need. With this, we are being more productive elsewhere and with that, we have more of the free time we so dearly need.

What happens when someone mentions the same or similar monitoring software in the workplace? Well, it happens that we start resisting it and we instantly shout for privacy invasion and illegal data gathering. Is that so? The fact is that we got this wrong and that our business isn’t looking to keep tabs on us all the time, but to improve things that need improvements and to help us do our job easier and better, which in the grand scheme of things is good for the business.

Today we will be talking about employee monitoring software and the ways that businesses can benefit from them, and if you have one that needs this then make sure you check out Netbull.

1. Productivity

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Businesses can move forward and can’t make it in the market that we have today. So many competitors, so many variables and so many other things that are all aimed at you and make you fail. Now, there are several things you can take into consideration and there are some roads you can take to alleviate these but there are also some changes that need to happen internally. One of those things is productivity increase and that can happen on many different levels. When it comes to the improvement of productivity in your staff you do need employee monitoring software and you need a good one. All of this software has several features and all of them are useful in some way.

Depending on your business and depending on what your staff does and how they do it you need software that can track that accurately. Businesses that have departments that do customer service and customer communication will need software that can track emails, websites and other programs and applications. You need software, like WebWork, that can track activity through mouse and key movements and that can flag certain tasks and jobs as productive and non-productive.With this feature, you will get an overview of what is been done, where, when and how and based on that you will get a grade. Anything negative has to be taken care of and improved and positives should be maintained and watched for future changes.

2. Payment and invoicing

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Not so long ago we had systems that tracked our work hours and based on those we were paid more or less. Those are now things of the past and the digital era is upon us. No more paper and pen where you need to sign and write the time and date when you come in and when you come out. You can even say that those card scanners for entry and exit of the workplace are now almost obsolete as well. With employee monitoring systems you can easily track the real work hours of all of your workers. This is especially good for businesses that outsource their work or have employees working from home.

These are the situations where it is hard to track who is doing what and for how long and with software like this you can know in a few clicks, rather than take their word on how long they worked. But this doesn’t just benefit the business but it benefits the employee as well. Not only you are assuring that you do not pay more than you need to you are assuring that you are paying your employees correctly and that you are complying with certain labour laws. Some software can also do project tracking meaning you have a lot less tough time invoicing your clients for the real work that has been done on a certain project.

3. Business Security

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Besides productivity, there is another thing that a business has to think about and that is security. With businesses that are big and that have a flow of workers coming in and out of the company monthly, yearly or anything in between, the security of projects, business secrets and other related things, is hard to maintain. Certain employee monitoring software has built-in features that can help you secure your company digitally. By logging the keystrokes of your employees, you can be on top of any suspicious activity and flag them as well as block access to their machine until the issues have been resolved. You can also monitor email, flash drive or any other drive installation or removal as well as any print activity which is also a means of leaking personal, protected or any other business data.

Another thing you can do is use this software to block certain websites or applications that can be considered to be malicious or even easily breached and cause issues at your end. Not every action needs to be employee fault this is why you and the team behind your particular employee monitoring software will block any apps or sites that can track vulnerabilities on your side.

All in all, employee monitoring software, although sounds bad, really isn’t. It can provide aid and assistance and it can be used to improve the experience of your employees as well as improve the overall productivity of your business. Now it all comes down to us and how we use that software. Some business owners will use it solely for employee control while others, smarter ones, will use data obtained from this software to improve their business and to improve the things their employees do for mutual benefit.