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Best Tools to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

by William Gist

Do you want to turbocharge your team’s productivity for imminent success? At this time and digital space, businesses ought to be as efficient as possible. With better efficiency, a company can be sure of increased productivity and probably, more sales. This is where having good tools come in.

Working tools automatically augment a team’s efforts, enabling them to take their work game to the next level. Currently, there are several tools available on the market that can boost your team’s productivity. Well, below are some of the possible tools your company can benefit from for enhanced productivity.

Communication Tools

Communication among your employees and departments is necessary for various reasons. As a manager, you should be up to date with what’s happening in various departments as well as keep tabs on every project progress. Some of the important communication tools include the following.



Skype is a simple yet elegant tool used almost everywhere. Through Skype, you can share files, make video conference calls for free and chat. Video chatting makes it easier to make presentations and explaining various topics to your co-workers. This is better suited for communicating with remote employees.

Skype works with android phones, windows, PCs and Macs. As for the payments, you will only be required to pay if you want to make a call to a member’s phone. That aside, everything else is free.



This is yet another easy to use communicating tool that is focused on the ability of multiple co-workers to collaborate and work remotely. it is a messaging platform with some twists, as users not logged on Fleep can receive emails instead. As such, if you can’t reach your entire team at once, you won’t have to worry as your message will be delivered.

For organizations working in collaboration with other companies, Fleep also provides for this. It has conference calling and screen sharing options among others, making it easy for a team member to share information with other members. Fleep works on all platforms and is free to use.


Deekit is another unique and incredible communication tool that contributes towards the team’s increased productivity. Less advanced technology had whiteboards for use during presentations. Deekit is an advanced whiteboard that is more interactive and enables a far reach.

It is a virtual interactive whiteboard, which enables team members to conduct presentations, write and draw with ease, just like a dashboard. As a team leader, you can invite members to collaborate in real time, making it easy to collaborate with remote workers.

Task Management and Collaboration Tools

You certainly know that for increased team productivity, team members need to collaborate, delegate and work together. Collaboration, despite being a key element of a successful team, is not always easy. Some tools that can ease this include;



This is an all-around program centred around easing team task management and collaboration. With this tool, team members can share files easily. Documents stored in the platform can be opened by third-party software such as Microsoft work or Google Documents.

The documents have individual comments section, which keeps all the edits and suggestions made by team members. From this, the tool not only provides a platform for easy collaboration but also safe and secure communication. Huddle is available on all mobile device, tablets, Android and iOS compatible.


Float is both task management and scheduling tool that makes it easy to build a productive team. From the tool, you can access all your team member’s information, hours they are available, hours every member has worked and overtime. From this information, creating schedules becomes much easier.

You can upload projects to the platform and share with specific team members as well. Similarly, exporting files to excel or word is a click away. Email functionality is fluid, as it enables team members to communicate and share files through an email of their choice.


FunctionFox comes with a medley of features that helps your company with enhanced team collaboration and task management. From the tool, you can create and delegate tasks to individual team members. You can as well assess project progress; thus you can know which task is progressing as planned.

For easy tracking of projects, email alerts are at your disposal, allowing you to remain informed of the latest changes from your team. Multitasking capabilities are also available, enabling members to work with multiple clients on various projects on the same platform at the same time.

Time Management Tools


Time management is a crucial aspect of any productive team. Fortunately, several tools available can make your team’s time management quite easier. They include;


TeamDeck is both a time management and scheduling tool. It is crucial in tracking team member’s availability, their work schedule and assigned tasks as well. With this tool, you can delegate tasks to members of the team, get notified of any discrepancies that arise when assigning tasks and much more.

This tool is overly beneficial if you have to work on multiple projects at the same time. It makes it easier to prevent schedule overlaps.


This online time and productivity-tracking tool enable managers to track user participation and project progress in real time. It is a good choice of tool for those who have to work remotely. With HubStaff, you can stay up to date with what every team member is doing. You can monitor what websites they browse, screenshot their PC activity and time spent when working on the project.

If a team member’s privacy is a matter of concern, you can disable real-time tracking. However, you will still get to monitor how much time employees spend working on tasks assigned. From the main dashboard, you can see the team’s productivity, hours worked daily by the entire team and much more.


Ranging from project management to email management, there are specific tasks vital for a company’s productivity. According to Outbound.net, you should trust technology on this, and could also take tasks off of your team’s plate by using marketing bots. You will not only get a helping hand on routine tasks such as tracking, monitoring and analytics but also delegate all your workflow to tools designed to spare time.


The best way you can increase your team’s productivity is becoming efficient yourself. Whereas all the tools mentioned above are worth trying, it is impossible to achieve maximum productivity unless all your team members understand how to make use of the tools.