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Bruno Mars Net Worth In 2024 – Is He Really a „Billionaire“

by Elsa Stringer

Who would you catch a grenade for? Maybe you have been made to feel like you are locked out of heaven by that person? Maybe you just don’t want to do anything, just laying in the bed all day and feeling like you don’t want to pick up your phone?

Okay, that is enough. We all know some of the best songs from Bruno Mars. Let’s face it – how can we not? He has had some of the biggest hits of this century. His songs are catchy, they have a special sound that you just want to hear over and over again. Like, we can not even imagine how often have you heard the „24k magic“ song. It was one of the most popular beats on the radio for weeks.

„Locked out of heaven“ song is still something that we like to hear from time to time, it is always good to remind ourselves just how talented Bruno is and always was.

A lot of fans don’t even know that he was born as Peter Gene Hernandez and that he comes from a family that has always loved music, with his father being a Latin percussionist and mom being a singer.

Back when he was just two years of age, he got his nickname – Bruno. For some reason, when he looked at his young son, Peter’s father saw similarities with pro wrestler Bruno Sammartino, one of the greatest of his age.


You might be wondering how he got „Mars“ added to his nickname? Well, that is his creation, as he stated that he was „out of this world“ when it comes to music.

Bruno moved to LA when he was 17 so that he can pursue a career in music. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley were two of his idols, so he tried to emulate their moves and to create his unique style by imitating these two legends.

We can say that the year 2009 was big for Bruno with the co-writing of the „Right Round“, a hit song by the Flo Rida. Just a year after that, he kept making it to the big leagues with collabs on the „Nothin’ on You“ and „Billionaire“. Eventually, both ended up being Top 10 hits.

Then, it was time to attack that number 1 spot. In 2010, both of his songs „Just The Way You Are“ and „Grenade“ peaked at the top spot on the Top 100 list. This is an amazing feat that every singer wants to accomplish with one of his singles.

We can go on and on with his accomplishments, but we are just going to mention that he was a performer at the half time during the Super Bowl XLVIII – another feat that not many performers have on their resume.


Nobody can deny that this man is one of the best and the most popular artists today. We have been hearing some of his best songs on the radio’s all over the world over the past couple of years and we are going to continue seeing him at the top of his game for years to come.

Right now, his net worth is around 150 million dollars, with that number likely to rise in the near future.