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Britney Spears’ Mom Steps In To Help Her Daughter End Conservatorship

by Mary McFarren

The whole world was listening to Britney Spears’ testimony a couple of weeks ago asking to end the conservatorship. With a shaky voice, a determined and lucid 39-year-old singer said that she has had enough of her father controlling her every move. Britney finally spoke, after 13 years, of the torture and stress she’s going through. She just wants her life back.

Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, was under fire for the last few weeks for various reasons. At first, the public was upset since Jamie is living off of her sister’s fame and fortune for decades now. Milking the same cow over and over, the younger sister managed to make a decent living off of it. Never reaching her older sibling’s stardom, Jamie was always on the backburner mostly recognized as Britney’s sis.

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Recently, Jamie raised her voice trying to deny claims that she is on Britney’s payroll just like the rest of the family. She also said that she always supported her older sister, way before she spoke up at the court hearing. Also, Jamie claims to be “broke-ass”, and that she never profited from Britney’s work.

However, a recent announcement quashed her tries to portray herself as an independent adult and caught her with her hand in a cookie jar. To be specific, Jamie shocked the public when she revealed publishing her new book called – “Baby One More Time”. In it, she talked about her experiences being the sister of the world-famous pop star, and how it affected her later in life. She also talks about the prejudice she faced as a teenage mom, and how she turned her life around.

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In any case, publishing a book with the subtitle “I Must Confess: Family, Fame and Figuring It Out”, makes her look like someone who is clinging by nails to Britney’s fame.

Another member of the Spears family, the mom, Lynne Spears decided to break the silence on her daughter’s turbulent life. The matriarch of the family was overshadowed for decades by her former husband’s, Jamie Spears, strong presence. She did her best to quietly support her children but was always left out when it came to crucial decisions. Jamie holds complete control over every aspect of Britney’s life, including whether or not she will get married or have more children.

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At last, Lynne decided to state her opinion publicly after listening to her daughter’s heartbreaking statement to the judge that was ultimately denied. Talking to the New Yorker’s journalist she gave a vague opinion saying: “I got mixed feelings about everything. I don’t know what to think. It’s a lot of pain, a lot of worries”.

Britney’s longtime manager Larry Rudolph, and her lawyer Sam Ingham, both quit their jobs after hearing her pleading with the judge to end Jamie’s influence on her life. A couple of days ago, Lynne took some concrete steps to help towards ending conservatorship, namely, she asked for a new hearing on July 14th where Britney will be represented by her private lawyer. Lynne stated that the circumstances have changed since 2008 and that conservatorship is not necessary anymore.

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Britney has been fighting for years to end the abusive conservatorship, but her father, coupled with her lawyers prevailed so

far. For the first time in more than a decade, Britney seems dedicated to getting the second chance in life. Her father didn’t make any statements, but with the lawyer and manager leaving his side, it’s very possible, if not probable that Britney will successfully end years of financial and personal maltreatment.