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7 Boring Things Gamers Hate Most

by William Gist

Playing video games is an activity that so many people engage in. This market is so great that there are thousands of them people can choose between. This also means that there are individuals of different ages, backgrounds, interests, and so on.

Due to the fact that this activity requires one’s focus and also the fact that an individual can interact with many people, there are some things that players absolutely hate. Naturally, this is something that differs from one person to another, but in this article, we are going to be objective. We are going to mention only a few of these things, so don’t be surprised if a thing that you hate the most isn’t on our list.

Expensive packs


As you know, every base game gets expansion packs from time to time. Usually, if we are talking about worldwide popular one, these can be released for years, before the company starts working on the new installment. Another thing that depends on its popularity is the price. Surely, you have already encountered this problem and ended up being disappointed because these packs turned out to be too costly.

When a new pack gets released, most gamers get mad if they cannot afford it. Naturally, you cannot spend your entire savings on it, but at the same time, resisting that temptation seems almost impossible. We understand the struggle and believe that frustration is a natural response to the situation. We have all been there.



There isn’t absolutely anything worse than glitches. The tragic part is that these usually occur at the worst possible moment – when you have been playing the game for hours and were just about to level up. Even though it should be entertaining, sometimes this can turn out to be aggravating.

We are completely sure that the frozen screen is every person’s worst nightmare. This is one of those moments when you just want to leave everything and never put on the game again, but usually, this is not the case. Most gamers are stubborn so when things like this happen, they always return to it, after chilling out for a bit.

Inability to level up


We have already mentioned that moment of sheer disaster when the game glitches and you were about to add a new high-score and win the grand prize. However, reaching this stage is quite challenging sometimes.

Yes, yes, we agree, video games have to be a bit demanding, but that is the whole point of playing it and that is where our sense of accomplishment comes from. But, still, sometimes, it can be too much. Remember when we said that gamers are stubborn? Well, this means that they could spend days play the same level over and over again, and if they do not succeed, they get upset. Oftentimes, this means that they can end up in a vicious circle they can only leave when they finish the quest or get the prize.

Boring parts

It is a fact that every game has some boring and interesting parts. We love entertaining ones, so we won’t talk about those. On the other hand, there are other ones that make us feel like we are wasting our time. These are included for a reason. They are supposed to help you warm up for some more challenging bits, and also help beginners understand how everything works.

If you hate these, as much as we do, we are going to let you on a secret. There is a way you can skip them. Not only this, but you can also upgrade your characters, weapons, or simply avoid playing some quests. How can you do this? Well, simply by using wow boosting. If you are intrigued, you can learn more about it on the Boosthive website.

Being interrupted


What people usually do not fully comprehend is that playing video games requires focus. In a way, we can understand this because they observe it as an entertaining activity. Due to this, they tend to interrupt gamers, and once again, usually at the most intense and interesting moments.

Maybe your sibling needs a favor, parents need you to do something, or maybe your kid has woken up from their afternoon nap and they want your full attention. The only thing that you can do, clearly if you cannot avoid them, is to pause and quit the game and resume it when you finish everything and have a few hours to enjoy on your own.

Filed installation process


You would be surprised how often this happens. After all, you can purchase almost any of them online, and it should be fairly simple to install it on your device, right? Well, this is not always the case. There might some issue with your laptop, or on the other hand, the device doesn’t meet all the game’s requirements, or for some reason, you are not able to play it in HD. When this occurs and you cannot solve the problem, it usually means that you have wasted your money paying for the game you cannot start.

Lazy gamers


Multiplayer online players have never been more popular than they are today. They allow gamers to play with people from all around the world and to find others who are as passionate as they are. Nevertheless, from time to time, they encounter a person who is not that interested in winning and conquering the opponent.

The most important thing when it comes to this form of video games is a team spirit. This means that all individuals involved have to know what their job is and they have to try their best to complete all the tasks. If one of them doesn’t do this, the team won’t get far.

Because of this, passionate players hate when they find this individual in their team. It makes them feel like they are losing their time because there is no way they could reach the goal without everyone involved doing their best.