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Top 10 Blogs for English Learners

by Tracy Finke

Learning in this modern world is a staple, you just can’t go forward without having proper command of English, you just got to have it. So even if you are not a native English speaker you must learn English and English teaching blogs are a great place to start. And also to improve your English skills.

Regardless of writing, reading, or speaking skills you can find the appropriate blog of your choice and find whatever courses or communities are best suitable for you.

It’s a fun and effective way for your skill development and explores more people and communities, that you might just get along with better than you would think. You know what today is a good day for you, cause we have just got the article you probably needed. In this article, we present to you the top 10 blogs for English learners.

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List of 10 Blogs for English Learners

1. FluentU English

Source: rittmananalytics.com

FluentU is a part of Amazon. Inc hat offers you the most fun and interactive ways of learning English. This is one of the most recommended blogs online for learning English since they cover a variety of topics with eye-catching features. Like flashcards, captions, movie trailers, communication methods, audio clips, and much more!

2. English Teacher Melanie

English Teacher Melanie’s founder Melanie is a certified TESL(Teaching English as a Second Language) teacher. Her dream behind the blog is to teach English to people productively so that they acquire the skills to talk like a native speaker. Melanie’s blogs are informative, with grammar tips and following a concept called “core vocabulary” and reading suggestions for learners.

3. The British Council

Source: britishcouncil.org

You must have heard of The British council as they are one of the most well-known organizations teaching English worldwide. Their blog posts have English courses, podcasts, grammar and vocabulary sections, business and academic English, diverse skill teaching sections, etc. You can also take IELTS prep and attend live online classes here!

4. Learn English with Mister Duncan

The famous Englishman/ teacher/ YouTuber Mr. Duncan has a series of long, regular, and fun ( he is quite a joy to be around himself) videos that will ensure that you learn English at ease. You will learn English and chill, literally. Although his live streams can be of 1-2 hours, those lessons are worth your time.

5. Espresso English Blog

Source: english.com

Espresso English Blog comes from Brazil to teach you how to talk like a native speaker. They have paid courses, free ebooks, and short videos for daily practice and you can even go try the free 20 days trial. They have 100k+ students online and a website containing all lessons and videos so you don’t miss out on anything.

6. RealLife English

RealLife English is a platform where you can learn fearlessly in the way you may have always wanted. They have a variety of courses, an audiobook, an e-book, and a guide of their own. Their posts are divided into bite-size parts which make learning English less intimidating. You can pick whatever info you are looking for according to your proficiency.

7. English with Jo

Source: learnenglish.britishcouncil.org

English with Jo’s Jo, a highly-qualified teacher along with a few other teachers teaches you English with utmost care and efficiency. This is a platform that teaches right from the basics to very high-class English. They have conversational classes, 15-minute classes, proofreading and editing classes, and even classes teaching email writing.

8. English with a Twist

Shanthi Cumarawasmy Streat’s blog is all about teaching professional English. This place offers you all there is to business English, the details and ways to improve your English without stuffy rules and intimidating vocabulary. They have a free mini course, workshop, an audiobook, and tips and tricks to succeed in the work field with your dazzling English.

9. Grammar Girl

Source: chathamgrammar.org.uk

Grammar Girl is a popular website to give answers to all of your grammar-related questions and queries. You don’t have to worry about going to any other place if it’s English grammar that’s bothering you. They have podcasts, short videos, tons of articles on a variety of topics, and even free services.

10. BBC Learning English Youtube Channel

BBC’s Learning English Youtube Channel is to teach you English in a fun, colorful, and in an attaining way. Their videos are no-nonsense, quick, and easy. The videos contain subtitles and some of these videos are filmed in a documentary or tv show style that will keep you hooked along the way.

How do I Start a Blog in English?

Source: biznis.vesti.rs

There are a few options for starting a blog in English. One is to use a platform such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, or Squarespace. These platforms offer templates and easy-to-use editors that make it relatively simple to get started.

Another option is to create a website using HTML and CSS. This option gives you more flexibility in terms of design but requires more technical knowledge.

Finally, you could also use a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter to start a blog. This option is good for sharing short thoughts or articles, but it may be difficult to build an audience using this method alone.


There are many more blogs you can find online that will help you on your journey of learning English, our article was an initiative to pick some of the best places for you to learn better English and have better skills.

Just keep in mind that whatever course or classes that you pick, be sure to pick a fun one, learning should be a joyful thing, not something that you hate.

Happy reading and have a good day. Also, are you interested in learning a language for an extra skill? How about learning it from professional tutors online?