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5 Biggest Box Office Successes Of 2024

by William Gist

It has become superfluous to waste words with which the force of 2024 and the pandemic hit the world economy on the head. The movie industry, like any other, felt the first big blowback in March. We all naively hoped that the summer would blow away the gray clouds and that the situation would return to normal. And while cinema premieres of films are postponed indefinitely –  it is increasingly certain that audiences and movies will not enter theaters this year, at best in early 2024.

However, there are those films that, despite the pandemic, managed to stand out and even announce successful cinema life and a decent income. These are the 5 biggest Box Office successes of 2024.

Coronavirus And Premieres

Source: usatoday.com

Although the earnings of some films can be measured with the national budgets of smaller countries – Hollywood is punching increasingly ambitious projects. However, this year, the coronavirus kept us in our homes and denied us big blockbuster premieres. Although there were various announcements – many big premieres were delayed – and the audience was deprived and somewhat disappointed with the situation. Of course, you still have the opportunity to enjoy Netflix and similar premieres – but with the absence of the red carpet, you feel like you are always missing something.

Subjective Experience

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The films themselves seem to have fallen partly under this influence. Surely you’ve happened to look forward to a movie, watch a trailer dozens of times, and then come out of the cinema slightly disappointed – thinking that maybe it’s up to you, that movies used to excite you more? You’re right, and they are, but not because you were kids so every action on the big screen was exceptional to you, but because the way the human eye and brain experience movies have changed. Anyway, now that you look at most of these movies and trailers online – at least you can be thankful you were not standing in a long line and got home disappointed. However, we cannot say that 2024 didn’t produce some good movies. Therefore, here are the 5 biggest Box Office successes Of 2024.

1. 800

Source: variety.com

The praised visionary war movie was delivered by CMS Pictures and has an English translation and subtitling in more than 90 theaters all around the US and Canada. The movie with a budget of $ 80 million is demonstrating Chinese soldiers guarding and defending the warehouse against the attacking Japanese armed force during the Battle of Shanghai. This movie is completely recorded with IMAX film cameras and it is the main Chinese release for theaters. It turned to be the first movie to win over a billion yuan on the world’s second-largest movie market this year.

2. Bad Boys For Life

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Sounds great, doesn’t it? The third sequel to the cult crime comedy called “Bad Guys Forever” – returns to the big screens of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Fifteen years after the second and more than twenty years after the first film – our guys are returning to the big screen. Bad Guys Mike Laurie and Marcus Barnett are together again in another crazy ride, in the long-awaited sequel “Bad Guys Forever”. This time our bad guys are a little older, but they are equally crazy and mean. Although Marcus announces his retirement to his long-term partner Mike (he thinks it’s time), Mike persuades him to go on another crazy mission. Enjoy their adventures.

3. Tenet

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Among so many names of the modern film – Christopher Nolan inspires people and deserves respect. No author like Nolan has managed to present such clear visions with complex themes – and brings them closer to the wide audience in a fun way. With his brilliant screenplays and mastery behind the camera – he tried his hand at several genres, and almost every one of his new works ended up on various lists of the best films. After the Dunkirk war action – in his new film, he again deals with his favorite topic, time.

How it affects us, and how some circumstances or someone’s actions change the way individual experiences it? We would have a lot to say about Tenet, but in short –  we can only point out that Nolan worked on the idea for this film for a full 20 years, while the script itself took six to seven years to create. Genre-wise, this is a spy action thriller with elements of science fiction – but if we had to mold it in terms of genre, it is a spy movie. According to thevore.com, the film itself is quite complex, both in the narrative and in the technical sense. In terms of directing, Nolan once again did a brilliant job and made a great film. Each frame is precisely weighed and blended into a whole. A film that is definitely worth watching.

4. Sonic The Hedgehog

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After problems in his homeworld, Sonic the Hedgehog ends up on Earth – where it hides from its opponents. However, when in a fit of rage he causes a short circuit in the wider area of the western United States – the US government sends an eccentric Dr. Robotnik in search of Sonic. Sonic has to run away again and save himself from a mad scientist. Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most iconic characters in video game history – and there’s probably no person who has played video games without knowing about it.

It first appeared on Sega’s platforms in 1991 – and to this day it has experienced a large number of iterations in various media. We could say Sonic has gained cult status over the years. After last year’s successful adaptation of Pokémon, Hollywood decided to bring Sonic to the big screen as well. The final product was, if not already innovative and bold – then quite satisfying. It will fulfill your expectations.

5. Dolittle

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7 years after the passing of his significant other, the unusual John Dolittle, a renowned doctor, and veterinarian in Victorian England – turns into a recluse, hiding in Dolittle Castle, with just the animals as his company. However, when Queen Victoria turns out to be truly sick, Dolittle is forced to start an epic experience, going to a legendary island – looking for a queen’s cure, recovering his mind and mental fortitude as he experiences various encounters.

The internet is full of very negative reviews about this film – but we really don’t understand why. In fact, it is somewhat clear to us, cause’ this movie may not be a highly-rated family fantasy film – however, it is still fun, cheerful, and relaxing enough that it can be enjoyed without any problems. Although this movie happens to have some flaws and silly problems that could’ve been easily avoided – it also has so much charm and a touch of serenity that will appeal primarily to younger audiences, but perhaps to those who are a bit older. Especially to women who are the biggest fans of Robert Downey Jr.