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What Are Some Of The Best Turtle Tank Filter – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

So you have decided to have a turtle or bunch of turtles around for a hobby. If so then you already know that you require an aquarium to provide them with a sustainable ecosystem and environment these can stay inside and get kicking on life.

Turtles are amphibians and like many others, these stay a part of their life in the sea/water and another half on earth. It means that their excrete will also be discarded into the very water of the aquarium thus there is a need to have some able system or filter at hand that can clean the water on a regular basis and keeps the water fresh for the little turtles to breathe in some fresh dissolved oxygen.

If you are all done with choosing an aquarium and other aesthetical aspects and are only entrenched about the type of filter that you should buy then you have come to the right place. Following is a list of some of the filters that might be worth your attention, so go ahead and take a deep dive;

1. Penn Plax Cascade 1500 Canister Turtle Filter

Source: youtube.com

If you are someone who can’t put aside a large chunk of their budget for a filter and have spent almost all of it on other accessories then this is the right filter for you. For the price range, you will get it for it is not at all bad, it does its work and pretty efficiently too. It can provide you with some serious filtration for your dedicated turtle tank. What makes this filter an optimum choice for most of the aquarium owners out there is the flow of about 350 gallons per hour for a 200-gallon aquarium which is perfect for allowing the little turtles to breathe and dwell in a fresh and earthly oceanic habitat.

2. Eheim Pro 4+ 600 Filter

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This is a type of canister filter which means that it has got a much larger container and makes it easier to flush away all the poisonous and non-essential elements out from the water. It is practically a good choice if you have a large enough aquarium for your turtle and especially if you are not that great with changing the water for the tank on a regular basis. This is the type of filter that is known essentially for its durability and withstanding the stressed environments, a perfect choice if you don’t want your own filter breaking down at you for no apparent reason from time to time. This filter is rated excellent to be used with 160-gallon capacity aquariums and has a throughput of about 330 gallons per hour.

This is among the quietest filter solutions that you can find on the market and is sturdy, well-built, and uniform in all aspects of its architecture and mechanism of work.

3. Penn Plax Cascade 300 Hang-on

Source: amazon.com

Given their constant breaking and below-average performance these types of filters are not the most apparent and craziest choice of many people out there. But this hang on model is something else, despite the fact that it hands with the walls of the aquarium and provides its services from there it has got some serious room for the filtering of all the unwanted particles and materials, to begin with.

The filter medium itself has an average flow of 300 gallons per hour which is pretty impressive given its hang from the wall nature. If you want more impressive and efficient results then it is recommended that you sue the hang-on filter with a canister one for the sake of evening out their impact on each other and the quality of the water to make the habitat more friendly and welcoming to your turtles.

4. Pond Boss FM002P Filter Kit

Source: thepondboss.net

As explained earlier that turtles are amphibians which means that once during a year they are going to have to enjoy the sun and earth but due to the climate changes and various other reasons these little shelled beauties can’t be let out on the soil but nothing should stop them from basking in the summer sun. Many turtle keepers like to place their turtles in the outside environment in the summer for a few days or rotation and thus the idea of moving the whole aquarium assembly to the outside might not be a feasible choice that is why building your own pond for your turtle is the only thing that you can practice.

Thus the need for this very filter arises as it is a piece by piece manifestation that needs to be connected before it can serve its purpose and it is great to have it around especially if you are making seasonal ponds for your turtle or trying to move the location of the pond here and there.

5. Fluval Canister Filter

Source: petsmart.ca

Now, this is the type of filter that you should actually be getting if you can support the price range, this right here is a big gun as it can support up to almost 560 gallons of water. It is considered to be one of the most incredible options that are available on the market right now. The filter itself has about 1.5 gallons of room for the filter media, it also means that you can probably fit a lot of filter media down there which then can be used for further use when intended.

One of the two most insane characteristics about this filter here is that it is extremely silent and very easy to set up, to begin with. If you can really afford it or your budget allows for it then this is the type of filter that you should go after, to begin with. Not only it will prove more efficient and money-saving in the long run but would also not crack or break on you when you need it the most. The operability remains the same even under immense load, no wonder it is the Best Turtle Tank Filter out there that money can buy. For more information click here.