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6 Best Security Apps That Aren’t Antivirus Apps

by Sinke Car

Most of the malware scanners or over-the-top security suites build malware threats themselves and then eliminate it executing a scam on their consumer. These antivirus apps do not add substantial value to your security and might even play with your privacy.

Use of reasonable cybersecurity apps can help avoid cyberattacks, data breaches, and substantially strengthen your security system. It makes sure that cyber-attacks don’t impair the growth of your business and helps you maintain data integrity. The software offers firewall protection as well as enables you to maintain control over your assets from any data theft or spam.

Therefore, we will enlist 6 of the promising security apps which will improve your security multifold and protect your privacy and your relevant data. Rather than any of the malware-scanning software, it includes actual essential services to upgrade your security system. So let’s take a quick look at them:


Emails contain most of your crucial and essential documents and messages. Therefore, to avoid the situation that someone intercepts your emails, it becomes your first checkbox to secure your email accounts. And for that, the first and foremost security app you need is EPRIVO.

It uses an industry-leading end-to-end encryption method to privatize your new as well as existing accounts. It is the only email security service that secures your current email accounts. The company claims that it secures your email not only digitally but physically as well. It means that only you can access your text or voice-based emails and nobody else, not even EPRIVO itself.

It also segregates your email provider and email security service so that it doesn’t store any of your emails. All your regular emails are ranked based on a privacy sensitivity meter. It also offers sender-based controls, which means you can recall any of the secure emails, making them vanish at any given time. You can also check it out yourself for a 14-day free trial. EPRIVO is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.



If you need a network protocol analyzing tool, which searches for any vulnerability in your network, you should be looking at Wireshark. It searches for weaknesses in communication between two IP addresses or DNS queries for any minute deficiencies in your network security.

Wireshark is generally used to look for any suspicious activity from a single IP address. You can easily collect all the traffic data generated by Wireshark in a single XML, CSV, or plain text file and examine it later. Wireshark conducts in-depth scrutiny of hundreds of protocols, conducts live capture and offline analysis with a standard three-pane packet browser. It claims to have the most powerful display in the industry.

Express VPN


According to a survey, 71% of the sample size had never used a VPN at all. VPN is a simple yet reliable tool to ensure your privacy and improve security on the web. Especially for public networks, where anybody can access your data very quickly.

And even if you access the internet from a local internet service provider, it is allowed to sell your data. But nobody can access your data if your network is secured through a VPN. One such VPN is ExpressVPN. It has lightning speeds and actively nurtures its obligation to privacy. It offers a useful kill switch feature where no data is leaked outside of its secure VPN tunnel even if the VPN connection fails.



Websecurify is your go-to cybersecurity app if you need any application-based security testing. It can scan multiple pages of web applications and find security deficiencies such as insecure passwords and physical file paths.

Websecurify also creates snapshots of danger areas that could help prepare audit reports. It also supports mobile application coding. It is the best combination of automatic and manual vulnerability testing.

It completes all the testing in just a few clicks. It is the only web application security solution to run entirely in your web browser. You can type the URL or click on the application button, and you will get complete web application security testing, and also integrate with 3rd-party tools.

Firefox Focus


A simple yet powerful browser that does not store any history, cookies, or password on your device. It blocks all sorts of malicious ads and doesn’t store any of the information in its browser.

This app is free to use and offers a lot of privacy features where other browsers collect your data and either sell it or use it against you to market their advertisements. Firefox also blocks other content trackers like embedded videos, photo slideshows, and news article embeds that could track you. But it warns you that blocking these content trackers may cause many sites to stop working appropriately.



WebTitan is a DNS based web content filtering and malware protection application that secures you from phishing. It uses AI and Machine Learning, behavioral analysis, IOC verification, vulnerability scanning, comprehensive reporting, etc.

Once you have installed the app, you need not bother about unsuitable or inappropriate content, especially if your PC is shared by your family. WebTitan is easy to use, install & set up. It immediately blocks all the spam & malicious content, keeping your workstations safe.


The cyber threat is rising day by day as more and more corporations are digitizing their processes. And many organizations have already lost much of their essential data leading to a financial crunch as they fail to invest in an adequate cybersecurity security system. The change to digital was inevitable, and to make sure that this digital process is reliable, it is crucial to take care of any cyber-attacks which could affect the going concern principle of the business.

And for that, you need a robust security system that can protect you from any cyber-attacks, and the apps listed above are some of the apps which help you achieve that. It ensures to put forward the best level practices to offer superior protection against serious cyber threats and ensure a smooth flow of business. Hence, no matter the size of the organization, these cybersecurity applications serve as the must-have watchdog to protect you and your organization.