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10 Best Restaurants in Turkey

by Nina Smith

When it comes to cooking style, great taste, and presentation of food, Turkey occupies the most important place in the whole world. This country attracts people with its versatility, deeply affecting as compared to other countries. If we want to know its position on the world map, then it is located in the middle of Western Europe and East Asia. which is separated by the Bosphorus Strait. Historically, the influences of the Greek, Persian, Roman, and Ottoman Empires are more visible in this country.

These Turkish cuisines are both refined and of high quality, which is generally good enough for the healthy, which is also popular in many countries of the world today. Therefore, all Turkish restaurants use only the freshest local ingredients to serve their visitors better. To take advantage of the service, many restaurants are located on the coast of Turkey, reflecting traditional Turkish roots. At the same time, they present their radiance, atmosphere, and vibe, which increases their attractiveness even more. You must not miss your chance to add these cuisines while you decide your itinerary, checkout the best Dubai Tour Package here.

Turkey is a must-visit as a traveler or as a foodie, there are many places or restaurants that will definitely leave an impression of their beauty and taste in the minds of visitors, we believe that something like this in this article Describes the best restaurants which are much better in many parameters.


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Tugra Restaurant is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Istanbul, established as the most prestigious, beautiful, and luxurious Ceragon Palace. Known for its royalty-like cuisine, it is best to experience the days of the Ottoman Empire. Its menu is lavish, elegant and historically considered to be very good as well. And the facilities provided by them are also world-class, which play a major role in attracting Istanbul to themselves. The main reason for this is the old marble on the ceiling. Their carvings have also been done in their pillars. Its biggest feature is that the astonishing Bosphorus can be enjoyed from the point of view of the Asian coast across the strait. which makes it the best attraction in this area.


Chef Didem Senol of Istanbul founded the Village restaurant. She is mostly a writer and the proprietor of another restaurant in Istanbul called Lokant Mey and is considered one of Istanbul’s most popular chefs. Her specialty is “pulse-based food,” for which she is well-known. Huh. Lentils, like beans and peas, are considered edible seeds in this country and are abundant in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Which are part of Turkish culture’s primary meals, to which the chef has also given prominence.

Nicole Restaurant

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Chef Aylin Yazcolu, who also runs the Nikol restaurant, is a legitimate Michelin star of Turkey. Its hallmark is that the restaurant here delivers delectable French cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients available. This restaurant serves some of Turkey’s finest wines from small-scale vineyards. The hotel is noted for its gorgeous terrace floor dining area, making it one of the top restaurants in Turkey. Along with this, finger-licking excellent cuisine can be found here, as well as the most stunning view of Istanbul, Turkey’s capital.

Borsa Restaurant

This restaurant, which has been serving outstanding cuisine since 1927, is regarded as Turkey’s pride. The Istanbul traditional décor dining room reflects the restaurant’s elegant demeanor, which has been kept throughout the years. Every tourist should try two exceptional delicacies, ranging from yaprak sarmaso (stuffed vine leaves) to kuzu tandoor (Konya-style grilled lamb with eggplant puree).

Karaköy Lokantasi

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This restaurant embodies the traditional Turkish experience, centered on traditional Turkish flavors. Karakoy Lokantasi is a Turkish restaurant with a modern style that has a classic character to it, with art installations and dark turquoise tiles in the interiors. During the day, the restaurant provides traditional Turkish home cooking, and in the evening, meze, fresh seafood, and plenty of rakis. This distinguishes it from all others.


Mamedoff meets the demands of many people who are always looking for the greatest and freshest fish. Because of its proximity to the shore, Memedoff is one of the busiest restaurants in Turkey’s Bodrum region. People come here to eat since it is so close to the beach. At any time of day, one may discover a variety of seafood and tables on show.


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This restaurant’s objective is to preserve the spirit of the Ottoman Palace kitchen. Since 1991, this restaurant has provided great service. More than 200 ancient recipes have been brought back to life at this restaurant. They are completely dedicated to their mission. No surprise they were able to keep the royal court’s and sultans’ fine taste without wasting time. Many classic Turkish meals have been modified at this restaurant. And it was a success.


Alancha is one of Turkey’s best and most well-known restaurants. Alancha Restaurant is thought to be a very experimental establishment. Alancha’s food has a distinct flavor that may be traced back to its Anatolian heritage. It boasts a softly light yet brilliantly illuminated dining area, which is its specialty. There isn’t much in the way of an overtone. The quality of Alancha restaurant distinguishes it. This restaurant is known for its delectable cuisine. Their cuisine is served in a really elegant and sophisticated manner.


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Hunker, which has been serving up some of the best varieties of Esnaf food since 1950 in this opulent and decadent area, is a must-visit. The restaurant is set up in a cafeteria-style or more modern manner to highlight freshly prepared meals. went. Kuzu inkik (slow-cooked lamb wrapped in eggplant) and kadinabudu kofte (meatballs fried with rice coated in egg and flour and herbs) are two of the most popular dishes here.


This is the city’s most fashionable restaurant, known for its best seafood. Orfoz Restaurant’s cuisine menu includes delicacies like fresh lemon clams, fresh mussels, and smoked eel, all of which are superb takes on nautical. This is the famous Turkish white wine, which is a must-try since it helps the meal taste excellent and tasty. The popularity of this restaurant is such that by the middle of the afternoon, it is entirely full.