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4 Best Instant Tents for Camping – 2024 Buying Guide

by Nina Smith

If you are an inexperienced camper or you simply want an easy life, the best option for you will most likely be an instant tent that can be assembled simply and quickly with no fuss. The problem is that there is now a huge selection to choose from; it’s no longer as simple as walking into the shop and asking for a pop-up tent.

Considerations Before Buying

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Before we launch into a list of the best instant tents for camping, there are a number of things to consider. Although instant tents are perfect for overnight stays, road trips, and festivals, they aren’t perfect for long backpacking trips as they are usually heavier than a traditional tent or more awkward to carry.

You’ll also need to think about how your instant tent packs away. Depending on their design, there are two main ways that an instant tent is packed away. The first is that it neatly folds into a flat disc that can be relatively small and easily carried. The other has a pole in the middle and unfolds as you would unfold an umbrella. This latter design is easier to fit in a bag and would be ideal for a few days of camping.

You should also give some thought to how much you are willing to spend, depending on its purpose, and how regularly you intend to use it. If you are planning on using your tent a lot, you want to ensure you get one that is robust enough to handle frequent use and any weather conditions. This will ultimately be more expensive.

Another obvious consideration is the size you need to get. If you are a solo camper, a one-man tent is great but may not allow enough room for all of your other gear. You should aim to have more than enough space for all of the campers in your party, so no one feels cramped or claustrophobic. You could also consider getting a pop-up tent from technishelter.com.au so you have additional shelter to sit under instead of taking cover in your tent. You can also BBQ underneath the shelter on days when it rains.

The Best Tents

1. FUNS 8 by 9 feet Instant Gazebo

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With easy one touch automatic set-up, this instant tent is perfect for rugged conditions. Made with durable robust materials that are both waterproof and dustproof, this tent is a dream to camp out in. The hexagonal shape makes the tent stand out, so you’re unlikely to lose your way in a busy campground.

Due to its spacious 8ft by 9ft dimensions, this tent is perfect for a group of five friends heading out camping, and is a worthy investment if you are looking for an easy set up. FUNS also offer a larger tent if you are planning big family fun.

2. Coleman Instant Up NorthStar 10 with LED Lighting

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If you are looking for an instant tent that is a little more techie, the Coleman NorthStar is a worthy set up. With an easy assemble in under three minutes, the user-friendly, three-room cabin can sleep up to 10 people with plenty of space to spare. The LED light features are a nice touch and the tent has darkroom technology that can reduce light and heat in the tent at night.

It is made up with durable waterproof material and wielded floors to keep water out. It also includes a power cord management system. This tent is great if you want an instant tent that can house a host of people while still giving you extra comfort away from home.

Do note that the tent has a hefty price tag, but it is well worth it when you look at its features.

3. Caddis Rapid 6 Person Tent

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Caddis Rapid Tent can be set up in an instant, which is great for busy families who can’t cope with the setup of a standard tent. It is also the best value for money when you consider how convenient it is. The only downside is that it can be awkward to transport as it is quite heavy. It’s also not a great tent for tramping but perfect if you only need to take it out of the car and set up.

With 100 square feet of space and a height of 6’8″, a great feature of the Rapid 6 is how tall it is. It does not come with some of the more comfortable aspects of pricier tents but it does the job for a fair price, allowing you to set up and get on with the fun things you have planned for your trip.

4. Ozark Trail 15 Person Instant Tent

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This is the perfect tent if you are having a big gathering and need plenty of space. With 3 rooms measuring out at 23 m² of surface area, this tent offers an abundance of room, keeping everyone comfortable. The best thing about this huge tent is that it can be easily set up in two minutes.

Boasting storage space, an awning, and electric cord ports, the Ozark trail is equipped to cater a huge family taking a trip during the summer. Since it isn’t designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, it’s not recommended to use this tent on wet and windy days. The mesh feature is perfect for summer but the tent will not keep the heat in on cold nights.

With so many different options, choosing what kind of tent is best for you can be a little confusing. Still, you should always try to do your research and take into account things like your local climate and the longevity of the product. Consider purchasing an additional marquee if you value your own space, want to sit outside, and stay dry or keep cool. Marquees are also great when you’re planning on BBQ’ing and need the shelter.