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7 Creative Office Decor Ideas To Make the Workplace Enjoyable – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

Did you know that almost 85% of employees worldwide don’t feel engaged in their workplace? They dread the thought of going to work, and when they are at work, they do the bare minimum, wondering when the day will end.

As a manager or business owner, you can’t afford to run a company where the workforce has no emotional commitment to your company. When morale levels are low, you are more likely to see a rise in absenteeism, increased resignations, and a drop in productivity. So, what can you do to motivate your workforce?

Creating a fun, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere is one proven strategy that you can adopt to make employees feel part of the business and inspire them to go the extra mile to contribute to the business’s success. Below are some office decor ideas to make your office environment more enjoyable and breed creativity.

1. Play Around With Your Brand Colors

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Brand colors can enrich an office in powerful ways. You can deploy them to make the space feel cozy, friendly, calm, or even lively. Even if your company already has attractive brand colors, consider how you are using them in your workspace.

If your brand colors only appear on your signage, fliers, business cards, and website, it’s time to bring them to your office space. Boldly integrating these hues in different areas will create a more relaxed office and help employees feel a stronger connection to your business, from the moment they walk in.

2. Add Some Greenery

Nothing refreshes indoor spaces better than a leafy friend. Spending a whole day at a desk can leave employees feeling dull and deprived. Breathe new life into your office by adding a variety of plants. Plants will give your team access to nature throughout the day. And when people spend time around plants, they become more focused, feel less stressed, their productivity improves, and they tend to spend more time around such spaces.

Let’s not forget that plants replenish stale air as well and may help remove toxins from it. When arranging plants in the office, place them in different, random areas to mimic a natural environment. Some good plants to start with include boston ferns, snake plants, English ivy, aloe, and peace lilies. You can also check here to find out more about plant selection and delivery options for your area.

3. Include Flexible Spaces

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If there is anything you can do to make employees more excited about their workplace, it’s by creating common areas. These spaces promote collaboration, camaraderie, and fun. Instead of restricting employees to one cubicle per person, create a dynamic environment to facilitate better communication, teamwork, and comfort.

Consider incorporating an open office floor plan to remove physical barriers. Create a quiet room where employees can go whenever they want some focused thinking time, as well as a break room where employees can head to whenever they want a bite to eat.

Adding a break room and stocking it with food, a coffee maker, essential cooking equipment, a comfy sofa, and a table will drastically make your workplace more appealing and foster better company-to-employee relationships.

4. Make Your Company’s Vision and Mission Visible

Don’t be surprised that some employees don’t even know your company’s mission and vision. In fact, research reveals that only four in 10 people know what their company stands for. But did you know that promoting your mission statement to your employees results in higher levels of engagement?

And how can you introduce a mission in a fun way? Create a large colorful picture of your mission statement and place it in a highly visible area. It will give your workforce a strong purpose and reaffirm their commitment to your business.

5. Get Artistic

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Adding artwork, paintings, colorful canvases, and decorative rugs to your workspace can do a lot to get the creative juices flowing. Art makes a space look thoughtful, engaging, and lively. Promote artists in your community, and work with them to create a design that gels with your brand. You can go with anything from black and white prints to bold and vibrant hand paintings.

If you have an employee who can design a piece of art for you, don’t be afraid to commission something from them. It will send the right signals to the rest of the team. But don’t stop there. Give your employees the liberty to decorate their desk areas with personal items. Remember that whenever an employee spends a significant amount of time in one space – regardless of how well-decorated it is, a feeling of boredom will inevitably set in.

Personal belongings such as drawings, photos, and souvenirs placed on the desk can create a homey vibe and help everyone feel more comfortable.

6. Invest in Unique and Comfortable Furniture

Yes, office furniture needs to be functional and reliable, but this doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Funky furniture is not just a thing for homes. Companies are now using stylish, curvy, and colorful pieces to break up the corporate mood and create a more relaxing space.

You can now find stylish chairs, tables, computer desks, and waiting area couches that meet your work and aesthetic needs. Don’t just pick furniture because it complements your walls and theme colors. Test it out to ensure it offers excellent comfort. This will prevent common ailments such as back, neck, and shoulder pain.

7. Make the Most of Your Natural Lighting

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Working under artificial light can strain eyes and harm employee morale. Take advantage of natural light to increase your employees’ energy levels. Maximize any natural light in your office by keeping windows open, removing light barriers, and using light window treatments.

You can further amplify the light by painting your walls with brighter hues, using glass walls, and rearranging the furniture. For areas where natural light can’t reach, go for brighter LED bulbs. They will light the space up without draining too much power.

Start Rethinking Your Office Design

No employee wants to get stuck around drab walls, poor lighting, and monotonous office equipment sounds. Such an environment inevitably leads to low morale and high employee turnover rates. Transform your workspace to make it more inviting, fun, and comfortable, and you’ll soon have a committed and happy team that is ready to go the extra mile for you.