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7 Best Apps To Enhance Your Social Media Experience in 2024

by Ingeborg

Using social media has grown to become more of a necessity than a luxury these days. This is because we tend to feel liable to share every day updates on these sites.

However, you need to know that the power of social media platforms can be viably leveraged when you have a host of tools by your disposal.

These tools will assist you in making the most out of your social media experience so that you can stay ahead of the competitors. Whether you’re utilizing social media for personal leisure or have a brand image to cater to, having these tools by your side will amp up your game. If you have your own beauty brand, the following apps can help reach out to the targeted audience.

So, without any ado, it’s time to dive into some of the best apps that you must use while scouring ways to enhance your social media experience.

1. Planoly


This app is for those who consider the aesthetics of their social media feed to be of paramount importance. For instance, if you’re maintaining a beauty brand, this aspect will be crucial for you.

With regular posts, it often becomes arduous to keep up with a preferable design choice on the Instagram feed. This is where Planoly comes into the picture.

You can not only schedule all your posts with this app but also organize these to figure out the final appealing design. Planoly lets you add captions, people tags, location, and hashtags so that you don’t have to edit your posts once they’re published.

This means you have a seamless way of improving your Instagram posting schedule.

With this app, you can figure out what all (and how) to post all the content for a month. Isn’t that hassle-free?

2. Slack


Social media management entails more than just uploading photos and text posts. You also need to keep up with a smooth communication channel within your team so that everyone can be on the same page.

Slack can be used as your go-to tool whenever you have an important update for your team members.

This is a renowned team management app that can actively empower your social media campaign. Everyone needs to install Slack on their devices in order to communicate with each other on the go.

Make sure you keep everyone informed when it comes to getting along with a social media campaign. Subsequently, your team members can pour in their ideas so that you can make informed decisions.

Slack has been serving as a primary communication tool for myriads organizations because of the interactive interface it entails. As a result, you can ensure that no one in your team feels left out when it comes to executing ideas.

3. Pops


Have you always been fascinated with customized objects that have a beautiful photo engraved on it? This object can not only be an incredible gifting option but can also serve the purpose of home decor.

Pops lets you print your favorite photos on different objects of your choice. You can use these prints as social media giveaways for your fans.

For this, you can head to the Pops website or simply download their mobile app. Now all that’s needed is figuring out which photo you want to get printed on an object.

A handy tip about using Pops is that you should be mindful of selecting high-quality images so that the final prints don’t have any inconsistencies.

4. Anchor.fm


Good audio quality is crucial when it comes to connecting to the potential audience. This is why social media managers use tools like Anchor.fm that assist them in recording the supreme quality of audio.

You can use this for your podcasts or as a voiceover for different video posts.

Anchor.fm gives a professional touch to your audio content so that it can shine out in the competitive market.

Make sure you have a clutter-free environment while recording the audio. This will reduce the background noise, which often deteriorates the overall quality of the content.

5. Ads Manager


Managing Facebook ads often becomes challenging for users, which is why tools like Ads Manager are prevalent. It not only lets you track the traffic data but also figure out how much funds are allocated.

This way, you can make suitable changes in the ad campaign based on the results you have in hand.

Ad Manager is the primary choice of Facebook users who want to make their products and services to reach out to their audience while efficiently utilizing the amount invested in ads.

You have all the required analytics in hand so that making calculated decisions becomes easy.

6. Snapseed


Snapseed is yet another essential app for social media marketers. At the same time, regular social media users can also use this app to carry out a suitable photo editing routine.

This app has an easy to use interface, which allows you to edit your photos professionally without having to shell out a single penny.

Apart from having a bunch of filters in place, Snapseed also entails all the basic editing tools that will come in handy.

So, you’ll never have to be jealous of social media accounts that stand out merely in terms of the quality of photos they publish. The best thing is that you don’t have to invest a ton of time when it comes to retouching the photos you want to post.

7. Facebook Page Manager


Do you have several Facebook pages that require regular effort? Is it getting tricky to manage all of them at once?

Well, fret not for this tool is your sure-shot way of keeping up with all these pages at its best. It not only lets you schedule posts but also tap into useful user insights.

This way, you can assess how your page is performing and what you need to do to draw the best results.

Multi-login feature assists you in having a one-stop solution for all of the Facebook pages you need to cater to.


So, these are some of the best apps in the market that aim at taking your social media experience to the next level. You can use these instead of being puzzled with doing everything on your own.