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This is the new Bentley Mulliner Bacalar Roadster

by Elsa Stringer

Whatever the famous automaker Bentley teases, announces, and then produces, the critics, media, and the public watch and follow closely. The reason for this is their incredibly long history of amazing quality of cars that have made their customers trust them.

Now, Bentley has revealed that they had made the most exclusive modern Bentley. With one simple look at the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar Roadster, we can see why.


Although it sports the already legendary and recognizable Continental GT vibe, this is a true two-seat roadster. As such, it is only the second model ever since 1930. Pure roadster cars have no top whatsoever, meaning they are completely roofless and can only we driven when the weather permits it.

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The new Bentley has a brand new cockpit with a tech-savvy digital instrument board, a rotating center display, and a flanked center console. There is a button for everything the car can do, and it can do virtually anything.


On the outside, the lines are sharper than usual with the front fascia different from the Continental GT. The rear design features thin LEDs and rectangular exhaust pipes.


Under the hood sits a twin-turbo, 6-liter W12 engine capable of producing 650 horsepower. It is paired with an 8-gear automatic gearbox and an all-wheel drive.


Bentley plans to manufacture 12 models, and all have been sold in advance from the moment they were announced.

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