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Benefits of Knowing How A Life Settlement Calculator Works

by Sinke Car

Do you find your insurance policy premium too expensive? If you want to know the worth of yours, you can use a life settlement calculator. It helps calculate the payout that beneficiaries will receive as part of an insurance policy’s death benefit.

A life settlement or viatical settlement refers to selling a life insurance policy for a cash payment. Continue reading below to find out the benefits of knowing how this calculator works.

Know When to Continue or Give Up Your Insurance Policy

A coverage company’s underwriting department calculates the amount of premiums, which depend on different factors, such as health, medical history, lifestyle, occupation, and age. Using a calculator, you’ll have a good idea of how actuaries or statisticians compute your premiums.

By determining the amount of your insurance policy, you’ll be guided accordingly in making the right decision whether to continue or give up your current policy. This is why it’s important to know how a life settlement calculator works. Using this, it will easily analyze entered data, and you’ll get an estimate value that is fairly accurate.

Save Money on Unnecessary Insurance Coverage


If you already have multiple life insurance policies, and you think you need to give one up through a life settlement, you should only sell it to a trusted and reputable provider, like Q Life Settlements. It is also the same if your children or beneficiaries are financially independent and stable, and they won’t need any future financial support from a death benefit anymore.

By selling your insurance policy, you save money paying premiums, and you can enjoy the cash to pursue your lifelong passion. In a viatical settlement, this life settlement is specifically designed for policyholders who are chronically or terminally ill. In that way, they can use the cash surrender value or money from selling the coverage to support medications and improve their quality of life.

By knowing how the calculator works, you’ll be able to obtain an accurate estimate of how much cash surrender value you’ll receive, and compare the values quoted by different life settlement providers. You’ll get the most of your insurance policy, which means more cash and savings for you so you can fully enjoy the fruits of your hard-earned money when you were still paying for your premiums.

Determine If Your Insurance Policy Still Suits Your Needs


You considered a lot of factors when you chose the life insurance policy you’re currently paying for. This is why you also have to take important things into consideration when deciding to give it up. Determining the amount of life insurance coverage should be equal to determining the amount of life settlement you’ll also get. This is when a calculator comes into play.

This calculator will help you determine if selling your insurance policy is a great idea, or if you might as well keep it to benefit your family when you have passed away. When you’re about to retire soon or when you’re already retired, you might find paying premiums a burden. If your earning capacity is not what it used to be when you were younger, paying the same or a higher premium would mean a big loss for you.

Most insurance policies reduce premium rates as time passes. It means that yours is of greater value, so you can’t sell it at a bargain price. You’ll either keep it or find a life settlement provider with a better offer. Waiting for the right time and company to purchase your insurance policy will give you higher returns.

Enjoy Your Life to the Fullest


It’s possible to enjoy life to the fullest by spending your money in worthwhile activities, such as those you have dreamed of doing in your lifetime before passing away. Perhaps you want to travel around the world, finance your own small business, or help your child open a new business and recover from bankruptcy.

Each person has a different way of enjoying the living. While others want to keep their insurance policies to ensure that their children will receive a huge amount of death benefit, some would prefer to spend their money while they’re still alive and help their loved ones become financially independent.

Of course, the final choice is yours, and a life settlement calculator can help you assess the value of your policy if it’s worth keeping or giving up. In that way, you can make the best decision in your life and leave your loved ones someday happy and stable.


A life settlement calculator is a helpful tool to help policyholders decide if selling their insurance policy is the right decision. Sometimes, retirees or older people need cash to finance their medicines and home or nursing care. Consider life settlement if you know that your children are already in their best position to finance their needs, or if you don’t need the insurance coverage anymore.