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How To Become A Resident Of Another Country Through Investment – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

At present, immigration is a global phenomenon. People from all over the world travel different routes to migrate to more developed countries. These migrations created revolutionary concepts of ‘Investment residency’ and ‘Investment Citizenship’ (or ‘RCBI’).

For individuals interested in quickly tracking a foreign country’s nationality or residency and obtaining a second passport, this article will guide how to become a resident of another country through investment.

How to become a resident of another country through investment?

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To become a resident of another country through investment, you must complete the following steps before you apply.

Determine your immigration goals, expectations, and investment funds

The migration process differs depending on the investment program chosen, and the type of program that you choose should follow your immigration goals, expectations, and financial abilities.

Processing time is also an important factor to consider: approval of some programs can take as little as four weeks, 3-6 months or longer on more popular programs.

As such, you must determine your migration goals, first, which is to say, why you want to migrate to another country. Some of the reasons many people want to immigrate may be business, providing a better education for your children, leveraging better health care services, or related reasons:

  • Do you simply want a second passport, allowing the visa-free journey to over 50 countries?
  • Avoid the impact of foreign policy, or you have a different plan for the safety of yourself and your family.

The next step involves setting clear expectations for your immigration so that you can choose the right investment visa program. Some of the questions that can help you set up your cycle are as follows:

  • Do you need to become a living citizen of that country?
  • Are you looking for a full residency or a living visa enough?
  • Is fast travel a choice for you and your family?
  • Would you like to keep your business back home? Would you like to invest in a business in your new country?

The final step of the opening phase is for you to have legal funding for the residency investment program of your choice. Moreover, the applicant must understand the finances of the entire process before progressing.

Compare different investment genetic schemes

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First, you need to prepare a list of investment migration programs in the countries of your target and consider such as processing time, investment conditions, and any limitations associated with the program (like travel or movement restrictions).

Second, you compare different programs based on factors that are right for you and your family, including processing time, job opportunities, travel restrictions, application, and regular approval processes, residency, investment requirements, and any extension instructions related to the program.

Taking these steps will help you identify the programs that are right for your family, have viable investment requirements, and give the most suitable opportunities.

You should join an authorized immigration company during this period because those specialists will help you find the right program based on your expectations and any investment limits.

Consult with an immigration attorney to proceed

You should hire an immigration attorney from a Government authorized company for your application.

You should work with experienced professionals who can help you with financial planning, program selection, and the application process. Moreover, they can also help you avoid potential investment risks. You can click here to find help.

Remember that communication with an attorney is confidential and can only be released by court order, which is not the same as an immigration consultant.

Ask that only attorneys have statutory rights to keep your money deposited and keep career insurance.
A lawyer has a statutory obligation to act in your interest at all times and to provide you with all necessary information, whether you ask for it or not.

Top 5 investment destinations for settlement

United States of America

Source: investopedia.com

The United States has always been the first choice for immigrants to invest, with more than 50 million immigrants living and working in the United States. The United States has a variety of immigrant investment programs to choose from, including the individual, L1, E2, EB-5 individual, and the Regional Center EB-5.


Currently, the UK is ranked 4th in terms of immigrants. They offer a tier 1 investment migration program, allowing immigrants to acquire UK citizenship by investing more than £ 2 million. Or you can opt for a UK Creative visa, and the applicant must invest a minimum of £ 50,000 in a business with a creative business plan.


Canada is considered the most friendly country in the world. The number of immigrants is steadily growing each year. Applicants can gain permanent residency in as little as 12-18months, through the Canadian Visa Entrepreneurship (Canada SUV) program. Additionally, other immigration programs can take up to 5-7 years.


Portugal has become a top destination for immigrants over the years. It is a European country with a Golden Residence Program that enables immigrants to buy a property or invest in a lot of projects to get residency in the country. For business people, the Portuguese Entrepreneurship visa program needs a start-up or entrepreneur investment in an incubator of EUR 175,000.

New Zealand

Source: internations.org

New Zealand is the world’s leading choice of high-quality education and healthcare network. New Zealand also grants you two types of investment immigration visas, namely 1 New Zealand investor visa and 2 New Zealand investor visas.

In Sum

This is the end of our tutorial on how to become a resident of another country through investment. The entire migration journey takes a huge amount of time, resources, and concentration over a long time since most people will turn to a professional immigration attorney with a government-appointed immigration company. This action helps to improve their chances of successfully completing the process and getting approval. Thanks for reading!