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Why Do You Need To Be Emotionally Intelligent in 2024?

by Nina Smith

After 3 years, it’s easier to say that a good part of the pandemic has gone down. People now leave their homes, interact more, and crowded places are back to business as usual. Communication has been part and parcel of every human life way before the pandemic, in fact, it can be said that communication saved people during the pandemic.

In times when one could be lonely at home, you could just pick up your mobile phone and hit up a friend or family. This need birthed several other upgrades in social media platforms.

In this development, the platform tries to foster genuine conversations by finding out more ways to improve the interaction on the platform. This article clearly points out the significance of emotional Intelligence in everyday interactions.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

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Emotional Intelligence is a necessary quality in communication and socialization.

Emotional Intelligence involves understanding and having control over yourself, while also understanding other people and managing your relationship with them.

Emotional intelligence involves:

  • Knowing yourself
  • Being able to control yourself
  • Being able to read others’ feelings and emotions
  • Communicating in an effective way

This is an underrated skill that has been found to be useful in leadership and business. Its effectiveness is why we believe that it is a necessity in day-to-day communication. This trait is encouraged among users who are imbibed with the platform’s acceptability values.

We are in the first quarter of the year 2024, so it’s still early days. It’s not too late to pick up this skill and improve the sort of communication you have. “Why?” you might ask, so let’s go through the reasons.

Why Should You Be Emotionally Intelligent?

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We believes that being emotionally intelligent this year will take you a step further in your communication, and here are 3 reasons why:

1. You Will Become More Approachable

One factor involved in being emotionally intelligent is that you will see things from other people’s points of view. This does not necessarily mean that you will agree with them, but you understand where they are coming from.

By doing this, it means that you will hear them out and also relate with them. This and many other reasons are why an emotionally intelligent person is very approachable. People are comfortable chatting with you and even becoming friends. This is the secret behind the thriving friendships, the conversations are built on emotional intelligence, and everyone is comfortable in their own skin.

2. Emotional Intelligence Reduces Misunderstandings

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Emotional intelligence actually makes you listen. Listening is a very misplaced skill in recent times. It is different from hearing, which only means that your ears picked up the sounds coming from another person. Listening, on the other hand, means that you heard, understood, and can act upon the information gotten from the person.

By listening carefully, it is very unlikely that you take a person out of context. This, in turn, reduces the common misunderstandings that occur in daily communication. With emotional intelligence, you get a person loud and clear and are able to give satisfactory responses that not only show your level of understanding but also move the conversation forward.

3. Getting New Opportunities

It was hinted earlier that emotional intelligence is a skill used by leaders and those involved in business. This is not far-fetched. A trait that fosters positive communication and reduces quarrels will be needed by top officials. It helps to promote good interactions with subordinates, customers, colleagues, and strangers.

Due to its strong contribution to leadership positions, emotional intelligence is a skill in demand. In fact, statistics show that 75% of managers use emotional intelligence to determine promotions and salary increases. This means that employers are looking for people who have adequately learned and practiced this skill to elevate them to greater heights.

For job seekers looking to take some courses and improve their soft and hard skills, emotional intelligence is one of those skills that will give you an upper hand among your peers. This is one of the greater drives to attain a great level of emotional intelligence.

How Can You Practice Emotional Intelligence?

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We believe that after seeing these benefits the question in your mind is how can you appropriately practise emotional intelligence? Well, we won’t leave you hanging. Below are the adequate steps you can take to becoming emotionally intelligent:

  1. Be aware of the things that easily affect your emotions
  2. Say less when you are feeling too emotional
  3. Take time to think things through before reacting
  4. See things from the point of view of others
  5. Be respectful of others’ opinions
  6. Receive feedback from people about your actions and speech

Note: These are not steps, rather they are the group of activities that make up an emotionally intelligent behavior. By cleverly carrying out these activities in good quantity, you are well on your way to excellence.

In Conclusion

In essence, emotional intelligence will help build your communication, prevent unnecessary friction, and get you to doors that you have worked all your life to get to. It is one of the important traits that looks to increase its practice. With the knowledge you have gotten from this article, you will properly fit into the community. You can check out Livebeam community. And most importantly, make a difference in the world. Take time to learn this skill in 2024!