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Which Kind of Commercial Building Signage Do You Need for Your Business?

by Randall Hobgood

A well-made commercial building sign for your business is the best way to draw in more clients. Having exterior building signs makes it easy for customers to find your place of business. The store sign does more than just provide information, though. Business logos, color schemes, eye-catching graphics, and advertising can all be included in the alluring exterior building sign to help you advertise your brand.

Pylon Signs, Wayfinding Signs, and More

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Your external storefront or office signage can set you apart from the competition. Selecting the proper kind of custom sign for your building is so essential. So what sort of building sign do you require for your company?

Exterior building signage comes in a wide range, and each has benefits. Making the best decision depends on your understanding of the function of each sort of commercial signage. Pylon signs and monument signs, for instance, are perfect for directing drivers to a parking lot. Or you may draw attention to your business location using lit or electronic signs. On the other side, building-specific outdoor channel letters are perfect for branding your building’s location.

External Signage for a Shop or Office

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Exterior signs on the building are required for every business with a physical location. Channel letters are usually used to give a finished, three-dimensional aspect to an outdoor office or storefront sign. The letters can be made from a number of durable materials, usually metal or vinyl.

You can include your branding and logo on custom business outdoor signs for your building. Clients and potential consumers will be able to find your location easily with this method. It’s a good idea to think about the kind of lighting you need to make your signage stand out as well.

Channel Letter Signs

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Block channel letters on a large external sign are a great way to stand out. Your brand is prominently displayed on the building’s outside lettering. Typically, the channel letter sign uses 3-D letters to display a logo or slogan and your business’s name.

Blade Signs

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The facade of a building can be enhanced with a blade sign to draw in additional clients. The blade sign is set perpendicular to the building’s wall and extends outward from it. Due to the signage’s prominent location on a sidewalk, it may increase foot traffic to your establishment.

There are several projecting signs available to make an eye-catching outdoor sign. Blade signs can take the following forms:

  • Swinging panel signage featuring exhibits on either one or both sides
  • Hanging signs with two sides
  • Cabinet box signs
  • Signs made of aluminum with dimensional lettering
  • 3-dimensional signs
  • Custom blade signs with your logo and business name on them

Outside Building Signage That Is Illuminated

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Consider lighting while deciding on the type of commercial signage for your facility. By using a variety of lighting design options, your exterior building signage may have a great visual impact at any time of day. LED technology is another option for modern signs that offers a cost-effective solution.

Backlighting, for instance, can be used on the building’s outside sign to make your company stand out. Channel letters or dimensional letters that are illuminated make the sign visible in low light or at night. Or you may make your commercial sign very visible by adding inside illumination to a blade sign.

Illuminated building signs are not just for dimly lit areas. They are perfect for boosting a store’s visibility in shopping malls.

Awning and Canopy Signs

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Bespoke awning signage for businesses can improve the look of your structure. Canvas or vinyl is used to create protective canopy signs and awnings that feature your design, logo, branding, and color scheme. The awning sign gives the building an appealing, polished appearance by forming a beautiful overhang at a storefront or entrance to a business. Moreover, the canopy offers some weather protection.

To boost the design’s efficacy, if necessary, you can include LED or fluorescent illumination. Also, if permanent signage is not needed, canopy and awning signs are a perfect temporary alternative.

Electronic Messages on Exterior Signs

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Current technology enables expert sign businesses to produce extremely effective, high-resolution electronic building signs. To draw attention, the digital external building sign can show moving images or movies. This kind of building sign is perfect for a company whose display messages are constantly changing.

An electronic sign can help your company stand out from the neighboring structures, which is important in a busy area.

Creating Custom Address Signs

To help consumers find their way around, every building needs to have an address sign. Address signs need to be legible and visible from a fair distance. The material of the business address sign can be determined by your specific requirements; it may be made of metal, weather-resistant vinyl, stone, or wood. Braille and tactile raised characters can also be added to signs to make them ADA-compliant.

Other Forms of External Business Signage

To make it easier for customers to find your business, commercial signs that are mounted to a building are crucial. Other kinds of outdoor signs, though, can be useful in certain situations. Let’s say, for instance, that your company is located in a sizable retail park or away from the main road. Signage for wayfinding or outdoor advertising would be useful in that situation.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are large, free-standing signs that are not attached to a building. To be seen from the road, the signs typically have lighting. When there are numerous businesses in a retail park, Pylons signs are useful.

Monument Signs

Low-profile monument signs are typically placed at eye level. The organization’s name, emblem, and brand are typically displayed on outdoor signs. Monument signs, however, are perfect for wayfinding, general information, and traffic management.

Pole Signs

Pole signs, also known as post signs, typically consist of a hanging sign mounted on a single post. A pole sign often only advertises one place of business and may or may not be close to the structure.

Which Kind of Sign Suits You Best?

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