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How To Bake Cake In Convection Microwave – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

We all love cake, but sometimes we don’t have the time to bake a fresh one. This is where convection microwaves come in handy! A new type of microwave convection oven that bakes and cooks food evenly without overcooking it.

One can use them for baking cakes, cookies, pies, or even popcorn. It’s effortless too! Baking cakes in microwaves is a great way to save time and money. So In this content, we will explain how to bake a cake in the best built-in microwave convection oven that you can check at grillsay.com.

All you need is an egg, two tablespoons of butter, and a mug with water in it (or any other liquid). Here’s what you do: add your ingredients and cover them with plastic wrap, then pop them into your microwave for three minutes on high power. Let them cool down before removing the wrap, so they stay moist inside. There you go – enjoy some freshly baked cake at home!

Is a convection microwave essential for baking a cake?

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The straightforward reply is no; you do not require a convection microwave to bake a cake. Any microwave will work for the same purpose. However, using a convection microwave gives your cake more fluff and less soggy texture. It cooks the cake evenly around all sides.

If you’re looking to cook something like a whole chicken or turkey, then having a convection microwave is a good idea as it will cook your food faster than most other microwaves.

If you need to sear meat on the grill, preheat the broiler and place your grilled meat within 1-2 inches of the heat source for about 5 minutes. Can microwaves be used to bake cakes? Yes! Using a microwave is a great alternative when you are in a hurry and need your cake quickly.

Convection microwaves also have sensors that will stop the microwave from heating food once it’s cooked, which gives you more control over your food’s internal temperature. It also prevents undercooked or burnt food, which makes it easier and more comfortable to use.

You can alter cake recipes with the right amount of ingredients for a microwave-baked cake, but if you do not want to convert them, then go ahead and try these microwaved cakes! They will be just as tasty.

What to Know about Baking Cake in Convection Microwave

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There are some things you need to consider when using a convection microwave for baking cakes.

Convection microwaves have sensors that automatically shut off once the cooking time is over to keep food safe and from being overcooked or burnt. Some recipes may need to adjust according to the size of the cake mold, so knowing how much cake batter you will use is very important.

Cakes with a small amount of batter (ex. cupcake) shouldn’t have more than 4 minutes of cooking time, while cakes with more significant amounts of batter (ex. muffins or loaves) should have 5-6 minutes of cooking time. You can check the cake’s doneness by inserting a toothpick or fork in the center of it. If it comes out neat, take your cake out and let it cool down before removing the wrap you placed on top to keep the moistness inside.

Quick tips for baking a cake in a microwave

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If you want to add oil or butter, do so at the end after removing your cake from the microwave. It will keep it from breaking apart as you are removing it.

Ensure that the water is not too hot when adding it to your cake batter – lukewarm water works best! If there’s too much liquid, your cake batter will be too thin and won’t bake properly.

Don’t overfill your cake mold too much, or else it will overflow when cooking. Use a small amount of batter first for testing purposes before you continue making your actual cake batter.

Locate the baking dish in the middle of the oven to make sure the entire cake cooks evenly.

Avoid opening your microwave for as long as you can to keep the moisture locked in. Please don’t open it, or else your cake will turn out soggy and mushy. This can also help you avoid burnt fingers from pressing buttons while trying to remove them.

What You should set temperature for Baking Cakes in a Microwave

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Different microwave ovens have different settings. The temperature can vary from 300F to 800F, depending on the model and year manufactured. If you don’t know what temperature setting to use, make sure that you look at your user manual to avoid using the wrong one.

If you are unsure what temperature setting you will need to use; you shouldn’t go by the number. Our recipe tells us that we need a baking time of 5 minutes, and we have a convection microwave with a temperature of 300F – it won’t cook appropriately because the cake will be too raw on the inside while it will burn the outside.

It would be better to use a temperature setting lower than 300F, so the combination of both temperatures will make sure that our cake cooks evenly without burning it.

When using an oven, you need to set your temperature on convection settings, usually around 350F-400F, and adjust it depending on cooking.

For a convection microwave, you will need to use your temperature settings and if it still doesn’t work out, add 1-2 minutes to the recommended time so that everything cooks excellent as mentioned above. But don’t forget to overlook your cake regularly so it won’t be overcooked or burnt.

How To Make Cake In Microwave Oven – Baking Tips

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If you plan to use a microwave oven for the first time, then learn how to prepare it properly. You must know how to set your microwave correctly so your cake will turn out just like it should be: delicious!

First, verify whether or not the oven is clean before starting to bake. People make a common mistake when they place their cake batter in a dirty microwave oven, which can ruin the cake’s texture.

Clean your mold with water and soap before using it to prevent odors, grease, or stains from contaminating your cake. This will also help you determine if hidden spots inside your mold need some scrubbing to remove any unwanted particles.

If you use a cake mix or box of cake batter, make sure it is the right kind for microwaving, or your microwave will ruin by an explosion of dry ingredients in your oven.

Ensure you have the correct amount of liquid ingredients and how long they should go in the oven. If you do not, then your cake will turn out dry or sticky.

If you are using a stand-alone metal mold, make sure to cover the top of it with plastic wrap before cooking so that the moisture stays inside. Do NOT place hot water in it as this can cause burns and other injuries

Use a fork or cutter to recheck if your cake is ready. Insert the utensil in the center of it and pull it out quickly after a few seconds. If there are no crumbs on the fork, then your cake is ready to be taken out, cooled down, and removed from your mold.


Overall, there are many different ways to make a microwave cake for beginners; that is why it’s essential to know all of them to avoid mistakes. You can quickly try these methods for yourself the next time you are baking a cake! Just ensure to have pleasure while cooking, and don’t forget to share your success with everyone! Good luck.