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6 Steps to Baby-Proof Your RV Trailer for Stress-Free Camping

by Ava-Rose Calderon

The best part about a holiday or a trip is that your family can spend quality time together. Amongst all adventures, camping is one of the best ways to interact with your entire family for a longer duration. You can take everyone along and enjoy your time in your comfortable trailer. However, families with young children have to take extra precautions.

Individuals with toddlers need to baby-proof their RV to ensure their child’s safety. Camping trips to far-fetched areas can lead to unwanted accidents, especially with young kids looking for trouble all the time.

Until you don’t make your ride safe for your kids, you won’t be able to enjoy your trip. Here we have the best ways to baby-proof your ride to make it suitable for residing within. Once you follow these tips, you can camp for as long as you want.

1. Installing Baby Gates

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Whether you are in your home or a moving trailer, your child’s safety should be your priority. Children tend to move around a lot, and when they do so in a moving RV, they might get injured. So you have to restrict their movement. It is only possible with a baby gate.

When you plan to buy an RV, keep this point in mind. Make sure your trailer can be customized later on. A travel trailer like Rockwood Mini Lite 2511S is the perfect choice for every camper.

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You could install an entryway gate and secure the area with pillows. That way, your child will be restricted to one corner and won’t move around unnecessarily. They could play all day long without injuring themselves.

2. Opting for Stairs Safety Handle Latch

Toddlers like to touch every door and window in a vehicle. Some kids even try to open doors. In a moving RV, it could be a huge issue. To prevent this problem from ever happening, you can install safety handle latches.

Some RVs already have a security handle for their RV steps. If so, you only need to reach out and pull the handle into the tow position. The setting will keep the screen door closed. No matter how much your kid pushes on the door, it will not budge. Your child remains safe and won’t tumble down the steps.

3. Proofing Outlets and Plugs

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Which kid doesn’t like to poke his fingers into electrical switches? It’s a common issue everywhere. Whether you are in your home or a vehicle, your toddler will be attracted to plugs and outlets. So securing these points is necessary.

Start by proofing the main plugs or sockets. Install safety plugs or hide each point with an outlet cover. Even though RVs have much fewer plugs in comparison to your homes, they still have to be proofed for child safety. You can never take such risks, especially with children.

Apart from plugs, secure any loose wiring in your trailer. Your child might take a wire in their hand and get electrocuted. For your child’s safety, you must handle the electrical components in your vehicle.

4. Managing Sinks and Showers

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Having a personal bathroom is the biggest blessing of your travel trailer. You can enjoy your space and a clean toilet instead of defecating outdoors. However, with kids, even your bathroom and shower space can become a threat.

It’s better to put up toilet locks so that your kid doesn’t end up playing in there. Furthermore, while your RV is moving, it could hit several speed breakers or potholes, steering you off your balance. If your kids aren’t careful, they might hit their heads with the sink or bathtub. Toilet locks or guards around sharp edges prevent nasty accidents.

Most RV owners have installed water heaters to get an instant supply of hot water, but the water might get too hot too quickly. If your kid is with you and uses this water, his skin could burn, or he could experience scalding. So, you must install a bypass valve.

A bypass valve mixes cold water with hot water to give you a perfect temperature. Just in case, check the water temperature as well.

5. Keeping the Kitchen off Limits

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Your RV provides you with all your necessities, including a fully-functional kitchen. You will have a stove, an oven, and other dangerous things that are potentially life-threatening for your child. So take preventive measures in advance.

For example, you could install a stove guard. We all know that stoves in a travel trailer are low height, and your kid can easily reach for them. Luckily stove guards protect your child’s little hands from the heat.

Similarly, oven locks are mandatory for your RV’s kitchen. They ensure your toddler doesn’t accidentally open the hot oven door.

6. Get creative with safe storage solutions

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There’s no need to go overboard when it comes to babyproofing your RV trailer – just a few simple steps can go a long way in ensuring a safe and fun camping experience for both you and your little one. Safe storage solutions for your RV include locking cabinets, drawer locks, and security chains on windows and doors.

Additionally, keep an eye out for potential dangers while camping, such as sharp rocks or branches nearby that could injure a child if they fall. If you’re ever unsure whether something is safe enough to allow your child near, always err on the side of caution and leave it out of their reach. And of course, never leave them unsupervised in an open space – keep them locked up inside the trailer while you take care of business outside!


If you’re thinking of taking your RV camping this season, it’s important to remember that baby-proofing your trailer is a must. Not only will this safeguard your little ones from potential accidents while on the road, but it can also make for some happy memories as you and your family enjoy some quality time together outdoors.