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Top 5 Best Baby Monitors Of 2024: Baby Monitors For All Budgets

by Nina Smith

As a new parent who probably needs to go to work and leaves their baby with a nanny or a caretaker at home, it is only natural for you to feel rather worried about how your baby would be doing back home. Baby monitors, in such a scenario, come in handy and are one of the best ways to help you keep an eye on your little one.

Unlike the olden days, today in 2024, baby monitors, as a device, have rather advanced and offer a range of solutions to parents. Right from the basics like helping parents keep an eye on the baby, all the way to alert parents when the baby is in potential distress, baby monitors of 2024, like the Infant Optics DXR-8 even works in a dark room like a charm!

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Helping parents find some peace of mind, here are the top 5 best baby monitors of 2024 explained-

1. Infant Optics DXR Video Baby Monitor

Source: amazon.com

The Infant Optics DXR-8 has been raved about by parents for quite some time on Amazon now and for all the right reasons! A simple-to-use, user-friendly device, this one is equipped with some impressive features you won’t be able to get enough of. Offering two-way audio, room-temperature sensor, remote pan, and tilt capability, this baby monitor could be your eyes for the baby when you’re not around. Unlike most other monitors, the Infant Optics DXR 8 also comes with multiple easy-to-change lenses which give you an option to view your baby in a standard or zoom view. This baby monitor also gives you an additional ability to pass a wide-angle lens at $10. Infant Optics DXR 8 video quality is truly for you to decide!

When you purchase this baby monitor, you get a wall-mount kit included in the pack and the parent unit is also made in a lightweight, easy to operate design. On the flip side, however, most parents complain about the disappointing rechargeable battery which may take as long as 7 hours for a full charge, only to then last for about four hours off the charger.


  • High-quality videos, even in a night light or no light
  • Video and audio baby monitor; Two-way audio system
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Easy to use
  • Remote pan tilt


  • The battery life may not last for too long
  • Takes too long to charge
  • High decibel ‘out-of-range and ‘low-battery alarm

2. Nest Security Camera Baby Monitor

Source: wired.com

A versatile baby monitor, the Nest Security Cam is one of the best video baby monitors, offering top-notch features like two-way talk, high-quality video, and sound alerts. One of the best baby monitors of 2024 in terms of features, this one also comes with a wide-angle lens that conveniently covers the entire room, often favorable once the baby grows up and begins to move around the house. Apart from the usual wall-mounting or surface-sitting options, the Nest Security Camera also offers a built-in magnet to secure it to a metal surface!

Compatible even with Amazon’s Alexa, this audio video baby monitor further allows parents to access the live stream of the baby on their phones for quick check-ins. Additionally offered is a Nest Aware subscription that lets you record and share your baby’s video with friends, albeit at a charge.


  • Allows live streaming to smartphone
  • Two-way communication system,
  • Discounted multiple cameras
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Motion and sound alerts


  • No pan and tilt
  • Only a wide-angle lens option
  • Optical zoom not offered and hence, you may not be able to take still shots of your baby

3. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor Camera

Source: amazon.com

One of the best baby monitors for baby sleep tracking, the Nanit Smart is loaded with multiple features, all specifically designed to take care of your little one. Offering temperature and humidity sensors, sound and motion sensors, a gradually-dimming night light, excellent night vision, and an app that tracks your sleep patterns, the Nani Baby Monitor also further runs on Wi-Fi and is just about everything you could look for in a baby monitor. This one can also analyse sleep trends and generate tips exclusively customized for your baby!

The biggest downside, however, is that this baby monitor does not offer two-way communication and neither does it have the pan and tilt capability. It is also reported by most parents to drain one’s phone’s battery and you’d need to manually unplug the camera each time if you do not want the noise and movement alerts. At $209.99, this baby video monitor may come across as pricey but for the fact that it can track your baby’s sleep and even double up as a traditional monitor, it may not be a bad deal after all.


  • Can track your baby’s sleep
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Allows you to save and share your baby’s videos or photos
  • Gradually-dimming night light
  • Infrared night vision


  • Does not offer two-way communication even at this price point
  • No pan and tilt option
  • Quickly drains the phone battery

4. Netgear Arlo Baby Monitor

Source: techhive.com

If you are on a hunt for the best app-controlled video monitors, look no more beyond the Netgear Arlo Baby monitor! A super simple to use baby monitor, this one comes in cute designs and shape that amps up the overall theme of your baby’s nursery. Offering a wall-mounting option, this baby monitor lets you keep an eye on your little one in an impressive 360 p – 1080 p resolution and also has o6 pre-loaded lullabies that will instantly put your child to sleep! The downside, however, is that this baby monitor runs only on Wi-Fi and is priced at a whopping $250, more expensive than most other Wi-Fi baby monitors of 2024. It is also reported to have delayed buffering and feed.

Arlo also has a color-changing nightlight that provides a calm and soothing ambiance for the baby to sleep in and to make it an all-rounder, it also has parent-friendly functionalities like infrared night vision and temperature and air quality sensors. Made to provide an “Always Listening” mode, this baby monitor can be used to keep an eye on the baby, even if your phone screen is locked or is being used to run another app. The baby monitor can be controlled via the Arlo app which is loaded with so many cool features like taking a screenshot, checking the live feed, receiving push notifications about the baby’s activity, and even lets you alter the nightlight at the ease of your fingertips!


  • Impressive 360 p – 1080 p resolution
  • Made in cute designs
  • Infrared night vision and temperature and air quality sensors
  • ‘Always Listening’ mode lets you check on the baby even if the phone is locked


  • Wi-Fi only operation; pricier than most Wi-Fi baby monitors
  • No standalone camera
  • Buffering and feed delay

5. Snuza Hero

Source: babymonitorsdirect.co.uk

One of the longest-lasting baby monitors in terms of battery life, the Snuza Hero is loved by parents for the fact that it can just be clipped on to your baby’s diaper and used to track their abdominal movement. Once you latch it on, it gets to work and if it fails to sense movement within 15 seconds, it vibrates in a baby-friendly manner to gently stimulate the baby. If the desired movement still lacks and if the baby doesn’t move within the next 5 seconds, it immediately sends out an audible alarm for the parents to respond to. Now, how cool is that!?

It comes with 2,000-hour lithium-ion battery life and is a baby monitor made in a rather compact size, making it one of the best baby monitors for travel. It works particularly great when used along with another baby video monitor or audio baby monitor.


  • Long-lasting battery life; 2,000-hour lithium-ion battery life
  • Can be clipped to a baby’s diaper to sense their abdominal movement
  • Compact build; ideal for travel


  • Does not offer a video streaming option and hence, may only work best when used in combination with other solutions

Final thoughts

Source: mansionglobal.com

Taking care of your baby and investing in their needs, in order to offer maximum security and safety is the ultimate fruit. If you are looking for the ultimate sleep solutions for your baby, click here and learn how to deal with sleep regression in young babies today!

FAQ: Best Baby Monitors of 2024

Are white noise monitors good for babies?

Studies in the past have found that using white noise-based baby monitors may increase the risk of problems associated with the language and speech development of a baby. AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), advises white noise machines to be placed at least 7 feet away (200 cm) from your baby’s crib.