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Astonishing Utilities of Rosemary

by Elsa Stringer

Promoting immune function, protecting the skin, nourishing the hair, protecting the brain, preventing indigestion, enchancing concentration and retention, preventing cancer and macular degeneration, providing support for the liver and lungs, providing relief from pain nad promoting respiratory function are all health benefits you can get from Rosemary. So let us tell you more about this magical plant.

Description, Family and Uses of Rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis, known as rosemary, is perennial herb and is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae. The Mediterranean region is where it originates from. The plant is rich in antioxidants, so the Greeks used it to stimulate brain function and improve memory. Rosemary is famously used as a spice, since it has an unique flavor.
Because of leaves that are similar to hemlock needles, this plant is sometimes used as a decorative plant in gardens.


Nutrition (per 100g)
Calcium – 31% RDI
Calories – 131
Dietary Fiber – 56% RDI
Iron – 37% RDI
Magnesium – 22% RDI
Potassium – 19% RDI
Protein – 3.3g
Sodium – 1% RDI
Total Fat – 6g
Vitamin A – 58% RDI
Vitamin B-6 – 15% RDI
Vitamin C – 36% RDI



1. Promotes Immune Function

Having strong immune system is important for any human, and to have that we must feed our body with right nutrients. Rosemary is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds thus, which help boost immune system and improve circulation of substances that fight infections. Anti-oxidants from Rosemary are helping neutralize free radicals.


2. Protects The Skin And Nourishes The Hair

Rosemary has an antiseptic properties which are very useful when it comes to skin and hair. Especially when it comes to conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections and alopecia (the partial or complete loss of hair from the hair growing regions). Its help contains of stimulating free blood flow to the skin, or even supporting healthy hair growth.

3. Provides Protection To The Brain

Rosemary can do so much good for the brain, including protection from premature brain ageing, preventing brain damage, improving recovery in patients who suffer from neuro-cognitive disorders, protect the brain from tissue inflammation and damage, and also reducing clotting of blood in the brain. Can you believe all that in just one plant. It is amazing.


4. Prevents Indigestion

When we feel discomfort in the upper abdominal part of our body, it usually means we are having problems with indigestion. Rosemary has a power of easing that pain and discomfort. Also, it can treat stomach disorders that include excessive acid production, or dysfunction, such as acid relfux.

5. Enhances Concentration And Retention

The fragrance of Rosemary has ability to be passed to the brain via the epithelium in the nose. It is common thing to use Rosemary in aromatherapy because of that. The benefits are many: it can improve the mood, alleviate depression and anxiety, increase attentive span, concentration and retentive memory. Also it leaves you with the feeling of wellbeing. For more information about overthrowing anxiety, click here.


6. Prevents Cancer

Rosemary can fight different types of cancer, by preventing the growth of cancerous cells and regenerating damaged ones. It is also used as anti-tumor agent. Leukemia, breast carcinoma, ovarian cancer and bladder cancer don’t stand a chance against Rosemary extract.

7. Prevents Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration is a condition in which comes to a progressive breakdown of the macula in the eye, and it may even cause partial blindness in elderly people. Rosemary can help prevent or just slow this condition, helping to preserve vision well, not letting images to become hardly recognizable.


8. Provides Support For The Liver And Lungs

Markers of oxidative stress in the liver that cause liver damage, can be decrease thanks to Rosemary extract. Same extract prevents liver glycogen from depleting, protects liver tissue from disease, resets elevated liver enzymes.

9. Provides Relief From Pain

A pain relieveing agent is one of Rosemary’s acts, so with it, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) and stomach cramps can be history. As it was previously said, Rosemary is commonly used in aromatherapy for relaxing the nervous system, and in this case with inducing calmness it can relieve pain caused by arthiris. On the other hand, its oil can be massaged into pained areas or in vapor baths to help you with relieving the pain.


10. Anti-Spasmodic Actions

Spasms are not fun at all, but making them go away certanly is. Involuntary contractions are usually a result of medical contidion that may harm your health. Spasms can distress any muscle system, while adding Rosemary into your diet can help with normal contractions in nerves, muscles and also promote better movement of the muscles and contractions in other parts of the body.

11. Promotes Respiratory Function

Preventing fluid accumulation, helping remove phlegm and excess mucus that block the respiratory tract will happen if you decide to use Rosemary on a regular basis. Also, its essential oil can play a big role when it comes to allergens such as dust, pollen and volatile odors.



Thanks to its many benefits, people grow Rosemary in their homes and gardens. We have seen variaty of benefits, but it is important to remark that when using Rosemary, it needs to be done lucidly.


Similar to numerous benefits, Rosemary may cause numorous side effects, including stomach ache and indigestion in case you go overboard with consumation. Pregnant women or the ones breastfeeding are not supposed to use Rosemary, because it can have bad affect on the uterus, causing miscarriage or genetic defects. Next to pregnant women, people with diabetes are adviced to stay away from this plant, because it may cause bleeding, vomiting, irritation of the skin and it may increase the blood glucose level.

Having great benefits from Rosemary can be mantained if your intake of the plant through different ways like consumed in food, applied to the skin, inhaled, aren’t in large amounts. Otherwise, you may experience seriour side effects.