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4 Benefits of Artificial Grass as a Modern Garden Solution

by Cristina Alexander

Keeping and maintaining a neat garden space can be a difficult task at the best of times. Not only does it require a huge amount of attention and care to keep it looking the way you want it to, but garden maintenance can often require a huge time commitment, which is something that many working people can’t afford to allocate.

It’s no surprise, then, that a huge number of people are now opting for artificial grass alternatives for their garden renovations and upgrades. Not only does this modern, efficient solution provide a quick and easy way to transform any tired garden space into something new and exciting, but the modern materials also offer a whole host of additional benefits.

Interested in learning more about artificial grass, and perhaps considering it for your own garden space upgrade? To find out more on the subject, take a look at our guide, going over some of the different benefits of artificial grass as a modern garden solution.

Why is Artificial Grass Growing in Popularity?

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Easy to install, clean, and maintain in the long term, artificial grass turf is quickly becoming a popular alternative to real grass and lawns in the modern garden. Not only does it allow homeowners to achieve the desired look for their garden all year round, without having to worry as much about the amount of traditional garden maintenance required, but its affordability and range of options available based on preference make it very simple to make a dream garden space a reality.

DIY home improvement is a growing trend, and with many looking to improve their homes and gardens over the past 18 months as a result of being locked inside through the pandemic, the demand for artificial grass has surged. Leading online suppliers such as GrassWarehouse, for instance, make it easier than ever to browse, sample, and order your ideal artificial grass pairing, without even having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Artificial grass rolls are also adaptable, which is perfect for those that have difficulties with an abnormally shaped garden space, or that want to carve out neat areas of lawn within a paved or stoned garden. Those that want to achieve an abstract design or keep their garden looking neat in a certain pattern without having to repeatedly trim and align their lawn can simply cut their chosen artificial grass roll to size.

1. Building a Resilient Garden

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One of the main benefits of artificial grass over organic lawns and turf is that it is much more resilient and hardwearing against the elements, keeping that ‘freshly-cut look all-year-round without as much need to make preparations in the winter or at other times where adverse weather conditions can typically have an impact on your outdoor space. In fact, the only maintenance required from artificial grass once installed is the occasional watering when dirtied through play and everyday use.

Mowing and cutting grass is a laboursome chore to regularly carry out, and it can also take some time to properly get right. Of course, artificial grass doesn’t need to be regularly kept and cut, freeing up time for you to allocate to perfecting other elements of your garden. With different widths and thicknesses of grass available, you can also decide on how you want the final effect of your grass to look and feel. The thickest and deepest ranges offer a level of comfort underfoot that your feel will surely thank you for!

2. Pet-Friendly and Child-Safe

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The neater, cleaner benefits associated with artificial grass also make it an ideal choice for pet owners wanting to refit their outdoor space with a lawn that is safe and suitable for their furry friend. Providing you go with a variety that is a bit more hard-wearing and suitable for your pet, grass will be resilient and durable against playtime, and it also means that when coming indoors from being outside, your flooring or carpet won’t get muddied or ruined on a rainy day.

In addition, artificial grass removes the need for use of pesticides, keeping you and your pet safe from the potentially negative impact of using chemicals in your garden and on your lawn.

3. Using Artificial Grass Indoors

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Of course, the main uses for artificial grass are a viable and simple alternative for outdoor spaces, but there are also numerous popular uses for fake grass and turf rolls indoors, too. Cuts of grass can quickly provide a natural look to a modern interior home design in a pinch, and many modern bars and office spaces use artificial grass in conjunction with things like plants and hanging green walls as a popular look.

Specialist artificial grass ranges for specific purposes are also available, depending on what you’re looking to use your rolls for. Artificial putting grass is extremely popular with those wanting to perfect their golf swing, and there is also a variety of colored grass ranges available for those wanting a vibrant, alternative color for things like children’s play areas.

4. Adding Artificial Grass to an Existing Garden Space

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Many choose to switch out their old and tired lawn with a lasting artificial grass roll instead, but using fake grass doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of your existing plant life and shrubbery completely. Artificial grass can be as modular as you like, replacing as little or as much of your garden space as you’d like.

Want to keep a natural element in your outdoor space? Many keep their existing surrounding plants in embankments around their lawn’s surrounding border or keep varying plants and shrubs in planters around their garden to add more variety.

Those that live in a compacted apartment with little-to-no outdoor space can also introduce artificial grass in order to achieve a natural look where possible – patches of artificial grass are proving extremely popular on decking and balcony areas, soft underfoot and with an authentic grass-like look and feel if choosing the right range.