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Are Tracking Apps Safe?

by Elsa Stringer

The terms “tracking” and “safe” don’t usually go together in one sentence that makes sense. But, tracking a location doesn’t necessarily mean that someone wants to hurt you. Many governments are doing that because they need these data, so they can react properly if something bad happens.

But, in the modern times, when we can have everything in our smartphones, including tracking applications that can be downloaded for free, following and stalking is somehow normalized, even though it shouldn’t be. Also, our smart devices always track our location with some background activities, following your everyday patterns. So, even if you turned off the location settings, if you dig deeper in your phone, you will find a lot of location logs that provide information about your habits, the place where you work, your favorite bar, your home, the places you usually visit, and so on.


If it’s normal, then why it’s still so controversial. First thing, you should never mix the government actions with your naive following purposes. Why someone will ever want to track someone and see where they go? The answer is very obvious. Most of the time, the jealous partners are using these apps so they can be sure their girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t unfaithful.

Another thing you must be aware of that if you want a professional service, you will need to pay for that. No one will ever break someone’s privacy for free, even those people who assure you they would. So, what will happen when you download some free apps to track someone? First, you will need to allow access to your speaker, contacts, photo albums, phonebook, email, and of course, to your location. When you want to break someone’s privacy for free, you must be ready to serve your personal data too. Doesn’t sound too exciting, right?

Is there any safe tracker available online?


As a matter of fact, there are a lot of efficient applications that can be downloaded to your phone, who will work properly. But, as we said, you will need to pay some money for that. You can make a one-time purchase and use it, or you can pay monthly fees, depending on the package you choose.

According to toptrackingapps.com, you can use these apps to track your children, partners, or even other family members. There are two sides of the ethical background, and the decision of whether you will use a tracker or not for someone you love, it’s on you.

Many parents want to monitor their kids, so they can be sure they are safe and no one is going to hurt them on the way back from school or the night out. You can sync the app with their smartphone or smartwatch, and get the location logs on your device.


The relatives of people with health issues like dementia often need some tracking option, because these people can get lost, without knowing how to get back home. This is one of the cases when no moral aspect is hurt. People with dementia often go to places they knew in the past, looking for things that disappeared a long time ago.

Their families usually have a hard time finding them. But, with these applications, they will be able to track their movement and react immediately if something is not going well.

Spying on your partner can result in a catastrophic backfire. We know that you want to know everything, so you won’t get fooled, but are you really sure you want to take that step? Maybe you will discover some things that you shouldn’t know, and that is not related to your relationship.


Are you ready for that risk? You also have some secrets you hide, and that’s normal, because you don’t have to tell your partner everything, but they don’t have to tell you some things to you too. Every person has a past that other people may not like, so we strongly recommend to avoid both free and paid tracking applications when it comes to your partner.

And, at the very last place, there are the employers and business owners who are controlling and they want to track the employees, because of so many unreasonable reasons. There is nothing wrong to install a camera in the shared office or on the production line, which can be very useful in the case of legal disputes. But, you don’t have to track some of your employees because you are suspicious. Of you think they do something illegal, it’s always better to call the police or ask for legal advice, so you can avoid law problems because of the unauthorized tracking.

So, are these apps safe?


There is nothing 100% safe in this world. Every tracker can be pretty tricky, because almost all of these apps will ask you to share some personal data, so they can work properly. Yes, even the paid ones. Many tracking providers offer monthly or yearly plans that include a lot of features, like 24/7 monitoring, or registering some unusual patterns. But, once again. Are you ready for something like that? Are you sure someone else isn’t monitoring every step you take?

The technology, sadly, normalized these things, especially when the people leave a lot of traces online, and everyone can track them. Some of the paid apps are safe and discreet, offering efficient data encryption, so no one can ever track you back. But, on the other hand, it’s not very nice to know that someone else can do the same over you and your habits and routines.

Even the safest applications can bring a lot of risks. Controlling people often have other issues, like low self-esteem, sociopath behaviors, mood disorders, and wish to know everything, which isn’t normal for ordinary people.

So, we can recommend you if you try to track your partner or friends just because of your wish to have control over everything, to avoid these applications. At the very beginning of this article, we described the cases when the tracking is allowed or even recommended, so it’s better for you to try to build trust in your relationship and to avoid destroying behaviors like tracking and following.