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How Can One Tell if Pharmaceuticals Are Fake? 6 Things to Know

by Harald Hamilton

Nowadays, many pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing fake medicines and openly selling them. They are generating high revenue, but the medicines are taking people’s lives. Checking and verifying the authenticity of these medicines can be done by chemical analysis.

It is hard to determine the difference between fake and real pills. Even medical professionals cannot detect them. After going through the mentioned details, it is necessary to buy medicines from a reputed pharma company. If you are looking for reliable pharmacy companies, then you must visit https://canadianpharmacyonline.com/.

Through this write-up, you will understand how to differentiate genuine medicines from fake ones. As a consumer, you must pay attention to the details of medicine authentication. Instead of risking your life, you must spend some time determining the difference and buying genuine medicines.

Seal Check

There is a security seal on every medicine bottle; you must check it carefully. The seal must not be cracked or broken. If you find it tampered with, you must refuse to buy that bottle. It is an initial rule that you must know. Sometimes, other chemicals are mixed in the broken sealed bottle.

Many people ignore this fact, and they buy medicine from the shop. There can be deadly consequences for consuming such medicines. Many bottles come in attractive packaging, and it is better to take the bottle out for this test. If there is no issue with the seal, you can go ahead and purchase it.

Source: healthywomen.org

Packaging check

It is a simple thing to do if you have already purchased the same medicine before. You must be consuming any dose for many days or months. You must be familiar with the packaging and other details of the pills.

Whenever you buy any medicine you have already purchased, you must check the packaging carefully. There can be any difference in the fake packaging, like font, size and shape of the pill, spelling, company address, etc. If you spot any difference, it is better not to buy that medicine.

You can also confirm the pharmacy name and get more details about it. You should also check the expiry date of the medicine on the packaging. It is necessary to check whether the manufacturer’s address is traceable or not. Overall, the packaging should be neat, and all the details must be mentioned at the back.

Visual Inspection

Source: healthywomen.org

As a consumer, you cannot do the chemical analysis of any pill, but you can do the visual inspection easily. You need to check all the physical attributes of the tablet, as mentioned.

  • Cracking of the tablet
  • Formation of crystals in the container or pills
  • Excess of pill hardening or softening
  • Discoloration
  • Weird spots or swelling

If you find anything after visual inspection, you must report it to the chemist’s owner. In case of an online purchase, you can share the pictures and ask for a replacement or refund. Many fake pharma companies produce such medicines and fool consumers.

Price Check

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If you observe that the price of any medicine is suddenly reduced, you must check the reason behind it. The pharma industry is highly competitive, and they set prices for their medicines after intense comparison.

If a single company drops the pills’ rate, something must be wrong. For marketing, many companies do this to attract more customers and sell their stock. But it can be a massive scam, and you can be a part of it. Therefore, you must beware of these situations and buy anything after checking the price of other pharma companies.

Allergies or Side Effects

If you consume any pill for many years or months, it will relieve your body. But suddenly, if it causes any side effect or allergy, then it can be a sign of consuming fake medicines. The drugs you are buying belong to another distinctive brand, and you have consumed them by mistake. The pills causing allergies may contain inappropriate substances that can be harmful to your body.

If your body reacts adversely, it is better to stop consuming those drugs. You must visit a doctor and consult more about the medicines you consume. A medical expert will help change your medicines and the dosage by a reputed pharmaceutical company.

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SMS Authenticity Verification

If you want to check whether you are taking the right pills, you can verify it by sending an SMS with the authentication code to the available number by the advisory board of drugs. You can search for the authentication code whenever you buy any medicine and send it via SMS. After a few seconds, you will receive a message from the pharma manufacturer of that drug.

All the details about the medicine will also be sent so that you can read them before any consumption. In this way, you can verify whether it is a fake or genuine drug. Generally, you cannot expect any reply from a fake company. If you have any doubts regarding the authentication verification, you must refrain from buying those pills.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, counterfeit medicines by fake pharmaceutical companies are commonly supplied across the globe. Instead of relieving any health issue, it can react adversely and cause more problems for the patient. It is hard to determine genuine drugs from fake ones. It is even a challenging task for medical professionals. But as a consumer, you cannot purchase anything blindly.

You cannot risk your life by taking fake drugs. You must follow all the mentioned tips to find counterfeit medicines. It is easy for fake pharma companies to fool consumers and sell their drugs to them.

Without any second thought, you must consider checking the medicine in every way before you purchase them. If you ignore verifying the genuineness of drugs, your health can suffer a lot. All the mentioned things are pretty crucial for every consumer. You cannot risk your life by taking fake pills without verifying their genuineness.