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Angelina Jolie Confessed: “Brad Turned Our Lives Upside Down”

by Tracy Finke

Actress Angelina Jolie divorced her husband Brad Pitt in September 2016, and despite that it has been three years since her divorce, Jolie still does not want to have a friendly relationship with the popular actor.

The Oscar-winner actress feels bitterness toward Brad because, according to her, he has turned the lives of their six children upside down. Initially, Angelina did not want to marry Brad, and after the divorce, she decided that she would never marry again.

“Angelina is still bitter about Brad. She wants to take responsibility because he has turned her life upside down – hers and their children’s”, the source said.

Image source: vanityfair.com

The 44-year-old actress recently stated that she would like to live abroad but cannot move out because of her ex-husband.

“The divorce was complicated. I didn’t recognize myself anymore, and I’d become, how do I say this, smaller, insignificant, even if I didn’t show it”, the actress said, adding that she was truly hurt.

The former couple has six children – sons Maddox (18), Pax (15), and Knox (11) and daughters Zahara (14), Shiloh (13), and Vivienne (11).

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In early September, famous actor Brad Pitt admitted that after his divorce from Angelina, he decided to stop drinking.

“I had taken things as far as I could take it, so I removed my drinking privileges,” said the actor, who liked the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

“You had all these men sitting around being open and honest in a way I have never heard. It was this safe space where there was little judgment, and therefore little judgment of yourself”, Brad told the New York Times.

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Weeks later, he admitted that he is aware of his guilt.

“I had to accept my guilt at the discord of our family. I should learn how to get better because I can’t do this anymore,” Pitt said.

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He also talked about how he feels about getting older.

“We all bear the great pain. We are lonely, and we regret some things. I have a friend who works in a nursing home. He told me that the only thing people talk about is their former loves. They regret their actions with loved ones. That’s why I think I should work on it as soon as possible”, the actor concluded.