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Finstagram: Having Two Instagram Accounts

by Elsa Stringer

Did you ever think about having two Instagram accounts? Yeah, we know, it sounds kind of masochistic. However, you could have some benefits from it, even if you are not a celebrity that uses them for the promotion of your activities. According to some studies, just half an hour on the Instagram account is enough to lower our positive thinking about body image.

If you know this, having two accounts is something that could be even worse for your self-esteem. However, this is something that we are positive about. Let us tell you why.

Gen Z


We’ve tried to have a second, private Instagram account, a fake one, and we only followed a short list of people. Having an additional Instagram is really popular nowadays. Especially among Gen Z users. The reason for that is that having a personal, verified, account can have a bad impact on a person’s self-esteem. For example, having a real account can be stressful and really tense, because of a high number of personal and professional relationships you have with your followers. This is something that can really suffocate a person and have a negative impact on someone’s feelings.

This social media that was just a photo-sharing platform has become a phenomenon of sorts. This is a really, fully updated, and overcrowded social network that has a marketing platform, and shopping emporium. Last year, the fastest-growing Instagram function was direct messaging, which made it even more personal than it was before it. Instagram became a part of our everyday life, literally. A personal Instagram account is not even that personal today. You can accumulate a high number of followers from various sources.



This can be especially hard if you have a personal and business account mixed in one. Just think about it, you can post a highly personal image that even features something that is not for everyone to see. This can be a problem sometimes. Creating an additional, fake Instagram, and use it for business only can be a dream come true. There you can stay professional and provide your followers with information that is only going to influence your professional credo.

Maybe you are wondering why would someone need a social network to express his deepest experiences and feelings? Well, you are a young person and you have between 20 and 30 years, you’ll understand. We are the generation that grew up with the evolution of the internet as a processing tool. Social networks are a great place to share ideas, chat with your friends, and inform yourself about various topics at the same time.

We all remember platforms like LiveJournal, MySpace, and Tumblr. That was a whole another story. Today, social networks became something far more personal. This is the reason some people would like to stay as secretive about their personal things as possible. You can think about a fake Instagram account as a place where you can be either yourself or fully professional. Think about it as a breathing space of source. If you are starting to feel the same as we, you should try this strategy most definitely.