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Top 10 Amazing Destinations in Rhodes for 2024

by Biljana Denic

Coronavirus will be gone soon, maybe even during this summer, you know? We’re not 100% certain of this, but our hopes lie in various vaccines available. If this is the case, we’ll once again be able to travel freely. This desire is inside most of us, and it’s hard to stop from planning future ventures. By now you probably have a few destinations on your mind, and that’s fine. But, we’ll still try to add to your opinion by suggesting Rhodes.

This amazing destination in Greece offers so much that it’s hard to oversee it when it comes to picking the next best place where to go for holidays. This European destination is a must for everyone who wants to have the time of their lives. This article is written with the intention to convince you to consider this island for your summer break. Continue reading and see what are ours top 10 amazing destinations in Rhodes for 2024. You won’t be disappointed with what we have to say. Have at least a little bit of faith in us.

1. Palace of the Grand Masters

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We are talking about the highest point in the old town and a massive stronghold. It is a historic sight that you need to see because it lies on the grounds of an even older Byzantine citadel. Its origin dates back to the age of Knights Hospitaller who ruled the island in the past. It has a massive courtyard which offers plenty to see. If you want to go inside it is also at your disposal but only twenty or so rooms.

2. Old City Itself

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The citadel from the passage above is monumental but it is the part of the Old Town which on its own also had plenty to offer. You won’t find an older medieval city in Europe even if you tried. Since 1988 the heritage of this city is protected by UNESCO. It offers a unique atmosphere we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

3. Town Walls

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If you have plenty of time on your hands seeing the Town Walls is a must. The journey to them or on them starts with the citadel and ends on the outskirts of the town. You can start from there if you take a rent a car agency service rentcar-rhodes.gr offers. These walls are quite old being built in the 14th century and are a true piece of history.

4. Lindos

Source: rhodesguide.com

Moving away from the Old Town and you can’t skip Lindos. This is yet another ancient city that must be seen by anyone passing through this island. There you’ll see charming Greek houses and narrow streets that almost send you back in past. If you are a fan of archaeology you’ll be thrilled with the Acropolis at this place that simply screams of the times passed.

5. Archaeological Museum

Source: rodos.org.uk

If you are a fan of Greek history and history in general this museum needs to be on your list. This museum is also called the Hospital of the Knights due to the fact it was built by Knights of St. John between 1440 and 1489. A truly fascinating monument of the history this island endured and it ranks high on every list that centers on the island of Rhodes.

6. Butterfly Valley

Source: rhodesguide.com

If you had your fun with the city and architecture and you feel the need to connect with nature, we have just the place for you. Butterfly Valley is such a place surrounded by hills filled with the most amazing natural beauty. Its name originates from the fact that it is filled with thousands of butterflies who use the area for reproduction. If you are into meditation you won’t find a quieter place on the island than this one.

7. Street of the Knights

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A street that looks like the one of those you could have seen in Game of Thrones if you are a fan of the famous HBO TV Show. This street connects the two places we already mentioned so if you follow our list closely you won’t be able to miss it. This street built in Gothic style connects the dots between Hospital of the Knights and the Palace of the Grand Masters. Walking from the hospital to the palace will give you great pleasure thanks to the architecture of this street.

8. Seven Springs

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Seven Springs is the eighth destination on our list which we hope won’t cause any confusion. If you head thirty kilometers down southeast from the island’s capital you’ll find yourself in this location surrounded by pine trees and palms. We’ll assume you’ll be there during the summer so this place is ideal for cooling down things due to natural shade. The seven springs is a lake consisting of these seven springs where you’ll encounter not only calm waters but also rich fauna.

9. Süleyman Mosque

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Rhodes had its rulers through the ages and while some of them were Catholics others were Muslims. The traces of both religions still stand strong on the island and the Süleyman Mosque is the living proof of what we’re telling you right now. It was built by one of the most popular and most powerful ottoman rulers which went under the nickname Süleyman the Magnificent.

10. Rodini Park

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We’ll finish with yet another natural location which simply must be seen during your stay on Rhodes. It is not far from the city of Rhodes and you can get there on foot. It lies between Rhodes and Lindos so you can once again connect two dots on our list. The vegetation in this place is super dense and it’s no wonder things are like this considering we are talking about one of the world’s oldest parks. Once there you’ll encounter numerous springs, small bridges, and various flora and fauna all over the place. Without a doubt, this is a place where you need to spend more than a few hours to fully experience what it offers.