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All You Need to Know About Phone Wallet Stickers

by Edvard Berlusconi

Phone wallet stickers have been around since the last few years. These new style wallets have been designed to allow people to carry cash, cards and other such items conveniently. These wallets stick firmly on the back of the mobile phone and can hold the aforementioned items safely.

The main reason for their popularity is that they ensure you always have money handy as you step out. Besides, you do not even require carrying to separate item to the market, park or anywhere you go. Many people around the world have ditched their regular wallets and switched to this new kind of  owing to the numerous benefits it offers. Let us have a closer look at these and what all they have on offer.


Material Used in the Making

Phone wallets are made from different kinds of materials. Some of the popular materials used to make these wallets include clear vinyl, leather, silicon, thermoplastic polyurethane and lycra. All these materials are sturdy and durable. They can hold your essentials firmly and safely. Moreover, high quality adhesive tape is used to affix these wallets with the phone. The adhesive offers a firm and long lasting grip. You can conveniently keep your mobile in your pocket, purse or bag without worrying about your wallet coming off because of moisture, sweat or heat.

Besides, it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the mobile surface as you take it off. So, you can remove or change it anytime without much hassle.

Let us now have a look at the benefits of using phone wallet stickers:


One of the main benefits of these is the utility they offer. As already mentioned, these wallets bar the need to carry the heavy regular wallet as all the essentials such as cards, cash and driving licence can be easily carried in it.

Style Factor

Besides being a utility item, a stick on phone wallet has also become a thing to flaunt. These are available in a wide variety. Colourful and vibrant stickers add to the look of your phone as well as speak volumes about your style.


Added Layer of Protection

You don’t have to be extra cautious while handling your mobile when you have a mobile wallet sticker in place. This is because even if your phone falls down it wouldn’t face much damage if it has this wallet affixed. This mobile accessory acts as an added layer of protection for your phone.

Quick Access

You don’t have to juggle through your handbag or your regular wallet to get to the cash or cards. You have quick access to these things when you use a  sticker. This saves time as well as hassle especially at the sales counter.

A Stand for Convenience

Some varieties of stickers come with a stand. They allow the phone to stand easily and thus come handy while doing tasks such as video calls, watching web series, reading an e-book and so on.

Different Phone Wallet Designs and Patterns


Phone wallet stickers are available in different kinds of colours, materials and designs. Here is a look at some of the popular  designs and patterns that you can choose from:

Plain phone  stickers: Plain phone wallet stickers have been around since as long as this concept came into being. This variety of wallet renders a decent look and serves the desired purpose just right. Many people world over prefer this kind owing to its sober yet classy appeal.

Phone wallets with quotations: These are with different kinds of quotations written on them are also quite popular. People of different age groups flaunt such pieces. However, these are particularly a favourite among the youngsters. These reflect their style and personality.

Glittery phone wallets: These are also gaining popularity these days. The material used to craft these is usually transparent silicone or vinyl. Glitter particles are stuffed in the transparent material to give these cases an awesome look. In some pieces the shimmery glitter particles are even pasted on the outer surface. Both these varieties look equally appealing. These are especially loved by young girls.

In addition to these, huge variety of phone stickers imprinted with various other kinds of designs is also popular. Some of these include zigzag patterns, horizontal and vertical stripes, polka dots, flowery patterns and animal prints. These are all available in light pastel shades as well as brighter colours. All these are quite in demand and are loved by both men and women belonging to various age groups. Next in line are stickers with different kinds of cartoon characters imprinted on them. Pieces with images of superheroes such as Spider-Man, Batman and Hulk embossed on them also quite in demand. Lately, phone stickers with bright shiny sequin and confetti have also entered the market. These render a vibrant appeal.

The Growing Popularity of Phone  Stickers


The popularity of phone these stickers is increasing by the day as more and more people are becoming aware about their usability. People belonging to different segments as well as age groups are making use of this unique mobile accessory. As a result, several brands are coming up with different varieties of these wallets. These are being manufactured in bulk to match their growing demand. You can readily find them in the local stores as well as online.

These come with step by step instructions on how to affix them on your phone. Many brands even offer customer support to help their customers execute this task.

Numerous brands across the globe sell different kinds of phone wallet stickers. Many of these are of good quality as well as cost-effective however some pieces can be a bit expensive. If you are planning to buy a phone wallet sticker, it is suggested check the various available options so as to drill down to one that really matches your requirement as well as budget. You can check out packedparty.com for an exclusive range of phone wallet stickers. They offer the latest designs. Their wallets also boast of high quality and are priced reasonably.