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All you need to know about creating and purchasing custom pins

by Edvard Berlusconi

Enamel pins have become very popular today commonly being used as a fashion piece while also used by companies as a promotional item. These tiny metal (usually) custom pins are completely customizable and can carry any design you can think of. Whether it is your own design or your company’s logo it can probably go on a custom pin.

Most people think that making custom pins is a complicated process that takes too long. It’s actually not since there are a lot of companies out there that offer quick and quality custom made pins.

We’ve put together everything you should know about creating and purchasing these custom pins.

Designing your pin

1. Pin type

First, you need to decide whether your pin is going to be die-struck or offset printed. If you plan your custom pin to have a lot of colors or complicated shading on your art design then you are better to go with offset printed custom pin. These kinds of custom pins can have complex detailing making your design look much cleaner. If you are planning on a more basic design with simple and fewer colors then go for a die-struck pin. These are perfect for simple logos with minimal colors.

Img source: linkinads.com

2. Design

Do you want your whole company name to be on the pin? If you are planning on having your company’s name on the custom pin make sure you pick out the right font and size. Consult with your designer to know how your custom pin would look like.

Do you have a design planned for your custom pin or your company’s logo? Make sure your design is not too complex to be applied to a custom pin since the size of a pin is limited or if your logo is going to be a good fit. Consulting with a professional designer about your logo before applying it to your new custom pins is always a good idea.

If none of these work for you, you could work with the company you are purchasing the pins from and give them a general idea of what you planned your custom pin to look like. They will probably do a great job and satisfy your needs.

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Img source: makezine.com

Choosing the company

1. Experience

If you value your company’s quality and reputation then you will need to find a custom pin company with an equivalent reputation. You don’t want to entrust your business name to an inexperienced company and deliver you below average products.

2. Budget

It is very important to know your budget before you start designing your custom pins. The size of the pin, the type of print and the materials used to make it all factor in the final price. Make sure you know the pricing before starting the whole process.

3. Order more than enough

Spending a couple of dollars extra to have more custom pins ordered is never a bad idea. If some of them get lost, broken or have been damaged, having backup custom pins will save you the time and money.

Now you know the essentials about how you should customize your pins and finally order them.