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Aftercare Tips for Your Dental Crowns

by Tracy Finke

Dental crowns are replacement teeth. The dentist affixes them to an existing tooth in the same way as anyone wears a cap on their head. The dentist cuts down the original tooth to produce an anchor post. Then that permanently gets attached to the dental crown.

A dentist temporarily uses dental crowns as a stop-gap treatment before placing a permanent crown. It can also be used in emergency cosmetic dentistry to restore a patient’s smile for a momentous occasion.

Here are some recommendations for keeping your dental crowns in good shape for as long as possible. In case of the missing tooth between your other teeth you can have to affix dental crowns bridges in place of that missing tooth.

Permanent dental crown aftercare

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Following are the treatment that permanent dental crowns patients can take care of, and they require immediate attention. You should treat the crown as temporary for the first 24-48 hours. You should avoid sticky and chewy foods as well as any other actions that could cause them to come loose.

After some time, the crown should be firmly bonded into place. You can begin treating it as if it were a normal tooth after that. You may still have some sensitivity in your gums around the crown. But this should go away after a few weeks. If you have pain that does not seem to improve, you must consult your dentist.

What can’t I do with a dental crown?

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With a permanent dental crown, most routine activities with your mouth and teeth should be possible. This includes sticking to your regular eating schedule. Keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy for longer can also help maintain it. Stick to a conventional dental regimen that includes regular gentle brushing, careful flossing, and mouthwash.

1. Avoid sticky and hard foods

Crowns are tough and long-lasting, and they are like natural teeth so they may get damaged. Chewing ice or hard sweets might cause your crown to shatter, crack, or break. Then a crown replacement comes sooner than expected. Sticky or chewy foods can also create issues, either by weakening or loosening your crown or trapping sticky parts between your crown and gums.

2. Brush and floss your teeth regularly

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Even if your crown is “artificial,” the tooth beneath it still requires regular dental care to be healthy and sound. Even though it covers the entire tooth surface, you must brush it carefully to eliminate pain in the longer run. Flossing is also essential since germs can also harm the hygiene of the mouth. Most of the time, food particles get stuck between the crown and the gums of original teeth.

3. See the dentist regularly

It is essential to ensure the health of the gums around the crown by taking a dental check-up every six months. A doctor can also inspect your crown regularly to ensure it’s still fixed and appropriately fitted, ensuring it lasts for many years. Modern Age Dentistry employs cutting-edge techniques and materials to create beautiful and long-lasting crowns for patients.

4. Keep good oral habits

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Keeping the entire mouth clean and healthy is the most robust approach to maintaining crowns in good shape. Brush twice a day and floss at least once a day to keep your teeth healthy. If a person wishes to protect the crown and the teeth, flossing between the teeth is very important.

Sticky and acidic foods promote plaque-causing bacteria to thrive, so avoid them to prevent tooth decay. The tooth beneath the crown will remain infection-free if plaque is not allowed to attack the mouth.

5. If the crown fits poorly, have it adjusted

If a person detects that their freshly fitted crown is longer or shorter than the surrounding teeth, they should return to the dentist to have it re-adjusted. A faulty bite caused by a poorly fitted crown, if left in place, can result in issues such as jaw pain or injury to neighboring or opposing teeth.

It’s also possible that a person’s bite power will weaken with each passing day. If a patient has difficulty chewing or speaking, the dentist should modify the crown. If the crown comes out for any reason or falls loose, the tooth will be vulnerable to infection and harm, so have Dental Crowns Bridges replaced right away.

6. Avoid hot snacks and drinks for the first few hours

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Whether the patient is getting temporary crowns or same-day crowns replaced with permanent crowns later, the dentist will check each part of the crown in this process. Patients should avoid biting their tongues, mouths, or the insides of their cheeks until the numbness goes away. Hot meals and drinks should be avoided until all sense returns to normal.

7. Talk to the experts

Roseroot Dental can provide dental crowns to replace, repair, and strengthen damaged teeth for a healthy smile. Make an appointment today to learn more about dental crowns afterward. Our representative will provide all the information on the method and pricing for dental crowns.


It is crucial to keep an eye on crowns during the healing phase of dental crowns. If you feel any indication or difficulties, try to notify the dentist so that the situation doesn’t worsen or continue longer than it should. Excessive swelling, mild to severe bleeding, excruciating pain, and a loose dental crown is warning symptoms.

Although pain and other symptoms are common, something unusual could suggest a more severe problem, such as an infection in the mouth.

If your dentist gives you a temporary crown to wear while you are waiting for the implantation of the permanent crown, keep in mind that it is fragile, so chew on the opposite side of your mouth to avoid shattering or dislodging it.

Also, you should avoid consuming some types of food to ensure nothing damages the crown, like sticky foods, including gum, jelly beans, caramels, gummy bears, or taffy.  So, to conclude that in any case if you are living Des Plaines, then Roseroot Dental should be your go-to place for Dental Crowns Des Plaines.