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Advantages of Wearing Linen Clothing – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Flax is a pure natural fiber originated in Europe. As early as one million years ago, the ancient Egyptians began to grow flax in the Nile Valley, Flax has been used and respected for hundreds of years because it has many unique functions. But what are the advantages of linen clothing and why everyone should have some linen clothes in their wardrobe?

1. Good air permeability

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Air permeability is the performance of fabric through air, which not only directly affects the wearing property of fabric, but also affects the health performance of the fabric. Because the human body exudes the evaporation water and carbon dioxide produced by metabolism from the skin constantly every moment, it will pollute the micro climate area composed of human body surface and clothing. Therefore, the fabric must have certain air permeability, so that the air in the clothing can be replaced in time, and the fabric should be comfortable and clean.

The permeability of fabric is first determined by the characteristics of fiber material, and then different external environment also affects the permeability of fabric.

For example, the most common material we use is cotton. Cotton belongs to short fiber, fiber structure hollow, softness and moisture absorption are very good. It will feel comfortable in a dry and suitable environment. But in the hot and humid environment, when the human body sweats, the fabric will feel stiff and astringent, because its fiber structure shrinks and the air permeability becomes poor.

Linen can absorb 20% of its own weight of moisture, while quickly releasing the absorbed moisture, no matter how much sweat can also keep dry. The heat dissipation performance of flax is 5 times that of wool and 19 times that of silk. In hot weather, wearing flax clothing can make the skin surface temperature 3-4 ℃ lower than wearing silk and cotton clothing.

2. Excellent durability

Flax is an old bast fiber crop and oil crop. Flax originated in the Near East, the Mediterranean coast. As early as 5000 years ago in the Neolithic age, Swiss Lake dwellers and ancient Egyptians had cultivated flax and used its fiber to weave clothing materials. The “mummies” in Egypt were also covered with flax cloth.

Linen fabric has a concave-convex feeling on its clothing level, which gives people a kind of concave-convex beauty. Moreover, linen is usually used as a canvas by painters to create the beauty of painting. Among all the fabrics, linen is the most durable. It has strong durability, high fiber strength, and is not easy to tear or puncture. Generally, it can be used for 5-10 years. And its cloth is soft and clean, and it feels very soft. It can be used as clothes or curtains.

3. Good anti allergy

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The longer the unsafe fabrics are used, the easier it is to cause allergy. Therefore, choosing environmentally friendly and safe linen fabrics can effectively prevent and reduce skin allergy.

Why is linen anti allergic? Flax fiber is hollow and rich in oxygen, which makes anaerobic bacteria unable to survive and has good antibacterial performance; Flax surface fiber is smooth and smooth, so that many bacteria have no place to hide, so it has the effect of inhibiting bacteria, and will not promote the growth of bacteria. Flax faint fragrance has bactericidal effect, the inhibition rate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans and other international standard bacterial beads can reach more than 65%, the bactericidal rate of Escherichia coli can reach 92%, and the eradication rate of Staphylococcus aureus can reach 94%. Flax fiber because of positive and negative charge balance does not produce static electricity, no dust adsorption, strong water absorption and moisture removal ability, so that mold no place to hide, is the most ideal medical and health materials.

4. Radiation protection

Modern people’s life is inseparable from computers and mobile phones. Radiation pollution is an inevitable problem for modern people. Japanese research shows that adding 20% flax to clothing fabric can prevent 80% radiation. It is especially suitable for white-collar workers, female friends who are going to have a baby or are three months before pregnancy, and male friends who have not had a child.

5. Prevent static electricity

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I believe a lot of people have had electrostatic clothing, and linen can be very good to prevent static electricity.It can effectively reduce the feeling of restlessness, headache, chest tightness and dyspnea in electrostatic environment.Some hospitals and sanatoriums use linen for bedding and surgical clothing.

6. Natural and retro style

Many people think wrinkles are the weakness of linen clothes, but I don’t think so. I think it’s just because the wrinkles on the clothes add a casual and natural style to the clothes. It’s like random curled hair. It’s a bit messy, but it’s really beautiful.With its own wrinkles, low saturation colors and unsmooth hand feeling, all remind busy modern people that life need not be strict with surface delicacy, as long as the heart is full and calm, simplicity is beauty.

The plain vision of flax, the touch of infinite proximity to nature and the unadorned natural temperament just attracted a group of people who had more and more ideas and wanted to choose simple life.  There are many exquisite small designs on many linen clothes, such as traditional manual embroidery, exquisite cheongsam button, waist drawstring design, and large pocket design, which can bring people a casual and exquisite feeling. If you’re interested in this dress, you can check here.

It’s hard for many women to buy their own size clothes. Linen clothes may be a good choice for you, because the characteristics of linen fabric make the general design of linen clothes more relaxed, so that you will not have a sense of bondage in a busy day’s work and always keep the best state.

Therefore, if you have to find a reason not to choose linen clothes, it should be that the price of linen clothes is more expensive, but it is normal for good fabrics to have a relatively high price.and when you put on linen clothes and show your elegant temperament, I believe you will find it worth the money,I also believe that if you want to pursue a higher quality of life, you might as well start with a linen dress.