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Advantages of Growing Fruit Trees in Your Garden

by Dangula Bingula

When you are planning your garden landscape for your home, you must include several fruit trees amid the evergreen shrubs, ornamentals, flowers, and other things. Fruit trees are not only a lovely sight when they are full of produce, but they have many benefits. It is a source of organic food for your family.

Also, it is a source of tranquil scenery that you can enjoy with family right at your home garden, as long as you know how to care for various fruit trees and boost their fruit production. Then, you can enjoy more benefits than just the fruits they produce. Here are other advantages of growing fruit trees in your home garden.

Helps conserve the environment


This is a natural advantage that we get from trees. Trees have a positive impact on the environment together with other vegetation that surrounds them. Firstly, they improve the air quality through oxygen production and clean the air by taking in harmful pollutants.

Secondly, they help regulate and reduce temperatures by blocking sunlight and providing shade through the foliage. Also, when you plant fruit trees you reduce possible soil erosion and reduce surface water runoff as it absorbs a lot of water read more on spraygrassaustralia.com.au. Last but not least, when the leaves fall they reduce soil moisture loss and as they decay they offer nutrients for tree growth.

Creates self-reliance


It is important to have a source of food that you call your own. Nowadays, the luxury of getting food and grocery delivered to your doorstep has spoilt most people. As a result, the mentality to be self-reliant is lost while individuals live in large compounds with no fruit trees, vegetables or other edibles.

Yet, it can help sustain them in case of a food emergency or a disaster. Therefore, fruit trees are of great advantage as they help to have food sustainability. Besides, when the fruits are in a surplus you can store by canning, drying, or freezing it for when you may need it.

It promotes well being


Every family worries about how they can have food security and nutrition. Hence, homegrown fruits and vegetables are essentials to promote the wellbeing of any household. Importantly, growing your fruit tree is an assurance you know where your food comes from and you have control over what is in it.

Some of the fruit trees you can try growing, by following tips from the website Gardener’s Path , are pawpaw trees, plum trees, orange trees among others. Of course, depending on their success rate in your area. One tree produces a huge amount of fruit production for a family and a surplus to share with neighbors. Enjoy your fruits fresh, full of flavor and nutrients right in your backyard.

They protect wildlife


As much as fruit trees help rewild natural land they are also advantageous in protecting wildlife. They act as a source of food to birds, a community of insects, fungi and also offer shelter too.

Therefore, they offer a healthy ecosystem and provide a complex micro-habitat. So when you grow native organic fruit trees you help rewild natural lands and you can add a bird feeder to complement the fruit trees. This will help you create a natural process of Mother Nature restoration as the birds and insects will feed and live together in your garden space.

Financial advantages


Did you know that mature trees in your home garden increase the value of your property? Although not with a large percentage but of approximately 8-15% increase in value depending with the number of trees.

Also, when you plant the trees strategically they can help shade the house by keeping it cool when it is too hot. This helps reduce your energy bill by saving on A/C costs. Additionally, when you get huge fruit produce you can sell the excess fruit to the local restaurants or farmers markets for extra financial rewards.

They beautify the yard


Fruit trees are a source of pristine and tranquil outdoor scenery that makes you want to spend more time there. It is calming to the mind and helps you reduce everyday stress. Its serene sounds, calming scents, and attractive view are a great addition to any landscape.

Once you have several of these fruits in your backyard with other vegetation, you will no longer go out looking for a place to recharge and refresh. It is all in your backyard, where you can spend time alone or with family enjoying the flowers bloom, lush colors of fruits and the quiet.

Strengthen community connection

Fruits trees help strengthen community connection and interaction as they bring a community together. By building strong relationships through gardening and adding to the appearance of the neighborhood. This is because they are not only the pride of the community but are an educational resource for the children to learn from.

Also, most of these communities other than having personal fruit trees have communal fruit trees where children can play spend time adventuring and creates a communal place to jog and walk.

It is rewarding


Having a fruit tree that you take care of in your yard gives you a sense of pride. Since there is a lot of work and patience involved before the fruit produce appears. Therefore, it is important to constantly take care of your fruit tree through ongoing watering, pruning, feeding among other care practices. When they start fruiting each season it is worthy of all the hard work, consistency and wait.

To sum up, the advantages mentioned above show that fruit trees provide more than amazing fruits. Hence, it is important to add a fruit tree to your landscape if you have none or one more to what you already have. It is an activity you can incorporate the entire family especially your children. Since it is fun and the kids will learn more about growing fruit trees and gardening.