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Advantages and Disadvantages of Lithium RV Battery – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

Boondocking will not be completely fun and relaxing hadn’t there been appliances and devices that provide you with comfort and enjoyment. These appliances are mostly powered by 12V Lithium batteries, which have favorable characteristics; that’s why they are gaining so much popularity today. 

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More RVers are now switching to lithium batteries to power up their equipment and appliances. It is because of the desirable attributes and special features they offer. The most important qualities these batteries have are:

1. High energy density

Because lithium RV batteries have a very high storage capacity though it has a very compact size, it possesses a high energy density. Moreover, it delivers the same amount of potential energy (sometimes even higher) despite its petite size. Other types of batteries have an energy density that ranges from 30 to 120 Watt-hr per kg (Wh/kg), while on the other hand, Lithium has 50 to 260 Wh/kg. Quite a big difference, right?

2. Slow self-discharging

When left unused for a considerable amount of time, all battery self-discharges, including lithium batteries, tend to discharge by themselves. However, compared to the others, it has a prolonged discharging rate. So if it has a slow self-discharging rate, the number of full charging and discharging cycles is minimized, allowing it to have a longer lifespan.

3. More storage capacity

Even though a lithium RV battery is only almost half as big as the other battery types, it can store even larger amounts of energy inside. It can sustain this large capacity even in the long run. Considering that it has an enormous amount of energy that can be stored, it discharges at a prolonged rate, and it is ideal to use in your RV to supply the needs of the power source to your devices and appliances. The greater the storage, the more equipment it can give life to, and the more you can utilize your RV.

4. Constant output

The battery’s voltage or power output does not drop or decrease as it discharges. It implies that even If a lithium battery is nearly drained, it delivers the same work throughout its operating time. Let’s say you have a lamp in your recreational vehicle. Even if the lithium battery that supplies power to it is almost empty, the lamp will still give off light with the same intensity as when a fully charged battery powers it. It will just automatically turn off when the battery dies. What a very desirable advantage, indeed!

5. High Efficiency

Lithium batteries can have a 95 percent energy efficiency or more. It means that only 5 percent of its energy stored is wasted and that most of it are used to power up devices and equipment.

6. Durability and long life expectancy

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This type of RV battery is so durable that you can expect it to last for a decade or ten long years. If the battery you bought can last for such many years, then we can say that your investment is worth it. Additionally, it can charge up to 3000 to 5000 full cycles. Can you imagine how long that is and how durable it is to withstand that massive number of deep cycle charging and discharging?

7. Lightweight

The lithium battery is designed so that it is compact and lightweight because of the small size of the cell bank. This feature makes it portable and very easy to install inside your RV. Its weight is almost half of its competitors, making it a perfect option for those who prefer their battery to weigh less.

8. Maintenance-free

Some Lithium batteries for RV from different companies claim that their product is maintenance-free. But this “maintenance’ does not mean that you do not have to keep it clean or you just let it be there inside your RV unchecked. They imply this “Maintenance-free” because the manufacturer did not set a specific level of water or acid that you always have to observe. Technically, it requires less to no attention from you. When a battery is maintenance-free, you can expect it to have a long lifespan as it has its own Battery Management System or BMS.

10. Charges faster

Due to the higher and constant ampere ratings in which the lithium batteries charge, they get full faster than any other batteries. And when an RV battery charges fast, it means that it can resupply power to the devices very soon after it discharges completely. That is too much to your advantage if you use electric appliances often during your trip.


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Lithium batteries might be ideal to use, but it also has its fair share of imperfections and disadvantages. Among these limitations are:

1. Highly Expensive

This aspect is not necessarily a disadvantage because the high initial cost you need to buy it will be covered by the long lifespan of usage it has to offer. Its cost will only be an issue if you have a limited budget. But considering all its advantages, it is indeed worth the price.

2. Protection Requirements

When exposed to so much heat or overcharged, lithium batteries tend to explode. It can also be damaged at very high voltages. That is why there should be a built-in safety protection circuit to limit the internal pressure and voltage and ensure its safe operation.

3. Banned bulk shipping at some places

Because of the safety and protection requirements of handling the lithium batteries, some cargo and shipping companies do not allow bulk shipment of this product. It is also to ensure the safety of all the passengers.


No matter how excellent and ideal a specific product is, it is still inevitable to have its limitations. However, in RV lithium batteries, its advantages overpowered its disadvantages, making the costly initial investment worth it.