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A Little Taste of Latin America in Melbourne, Australia

by Sinke Car

If you have been living in Melbourne, Australia, you will be amazed at how the world around you has become a global village. There are so many people from every corner of the world. However, the Latin Americans have been successful in maintaining their culture and ways of living everywhere they go through cuisine, sports, and many other traditions.

Today, we will focus on sharing some great ways that you can enjoy a taste of Latin American delicacies while in Melbourne. Read on to learn more.

Choosing What to Eat

Whether you are in Melbourne for a vacation, business, or a job, you can enjoy Latin American cuisine at any time. The city is flooded with various restaurants to suit every budget. They typically serve common Latin American dishes that are highly inspired by Spanish and Mexican cuisine as we all know their history and relations.


When choosing what to eat in any of these restaurants, you need to understand that most dishes revolve around tortillas, tacos, and salsas. Sauces with jalapeno chilies are also very popular. The best thing is that every restaurant has a wide variety of these dishes including soups, main meals, desserts, and even appetizers.


Their tapas are served together with colorful and flowery cocktails that you can enjoy in any reputable bar in Melbourne like Vamos. This is usually most enjoyable in an open rooftop Latin American bar on a sunny afternoon.

Choosing a Favorable Restaurant

Melbourne is flooded with different restaurants, which shows the diversity of the cuisine in the city. When you intend to choose a Latin American restaurant or a bar, picking one among the many can be confusing, but it is easy if you know what you want.


First, make sure that it is located somewhere convenient for you and the entire family. People tend to visit bars and restaurants that are closest to their homes so that they can enjoy a good time without a rush. The other thing that you should check is the quality of food that they serve. Although many call themselves Latin American restaurants, their menus could be vastly different from an original one. Most importantly, make sure that the traditional menus retain their authenticity.


Great Latin American Foods and Drinks to Enjoy in Melbourne

  • Main meals – Most meats like beef, pork, and lamb are served as main meals that are prepared in various ways. Tortillas and other corn-based meals also accompany them. Potatoes and different vegetables and salsas are also typically served.
  • Tapas and cocktails – Guacamole, croquettes, and a variety of salsas are some of the most popular dishes you will get with a variety of cocktails and other drinks in the bar section of many restaurants.
  • Desserts – Crepes and cake-based desserts are popular in these restaurants. However, you can also sample many other desserts that they have on their menu.
  • Cocktails – These range from traditional mojitos to tequila sunrises, caipirinhas, and pinacoladas, among many others. You can expect them to be very tasty and colorful. A range of Latin American beers, spirits, and wines are also served.



As you enjoy all of these, the restaurants ensure that their clients also enjoy great Latin American music like samba, salsa, and jazz. The ambiance is also excellent in most of these restaurants while the highly-trained employees complete the experience.