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Top Tips on Saving for Solo Travel

by Dangula Bingula

It’s a bold and brave thing to do. Making the decision to travel solo can be a truly life-changing experience and can massively contribute to the self-growth of a person. It sounds amazing, right? Cutting ties, packing a case, getting on a plane, seeing the world and truly discovering yourself.

But unfortunately…in order to do that, you’ll need some cash, and if you want to travel far and long, you’ll need a fair amount of cash. It can seem unattainable initially, but if you look into it, you’ll find out that there are in fact ways that you’ll be able to save in order to fund your solo trip.

Figure Out How Much You’ll Need

In order to know how much it is you’ll need to save; you’ll need to figure out how much money you’re actually going to need to get going and sustain yourself for the duration of your trip.


Likewise, you’ll want to know how much you’re currently spending on day-to-day items, and whether every single expenditure you’re currently making is necessary or not. This is how you’ll realise where it is in your day-to-day life that you can actually save money, and make a budget accordingly. A good way of doing this is making a spreadsheet of the following three things over a monthly period:

  1. How much you earn in total.
  2. What goes out on bills, food and other necessary items.
  3. How much you have left over.

If you’re left with a lot more cash in theory than you are in reality, figure out where it is that you’re making up your excess spending. That’s not to say that you can’t treat yourself every now and then, but if you really want to travel enough, work out where you can make the necessary cutbacks in order to save effectively. A prime example of something that so many people do, is buying breakfast and a coffee on the way to work, because they “didn’t have time” to prepare one in the morning.

A simple lifestyle change like getting out of bed ten minutes earlier and making sure you have breakfast and (if you’re still pushed for time) a flask of coffee to take to work with you. Likewise, do your research on who it is you pay your bills to at the current moment, and see if there are any companies that are cheaper out there so you can save money on your monthly utilities. All of these smaller things combined could save you hundreds of pounds over a year-long period, and if you put this in your travel fund, you’re one step closer to living your dreams.

Sell the Unnecessary Stuff

A lot of people make extra money on the side by selling belongings that they no longer need. This can be as larger-scaler or smaller-scale as you like.


If we’re talking about smaller scale selling, you might opt for selling some of the technology items around your home that you no longer use or need, such as televisions and old mobile phones. Likewise, furniture and clothing are extremely popular to buy second-hand online, so long as they’re still in good condition. The vast majority of people have more clothes than they need, so why not give some of them a new home and make money along the way?

Of course, then there’s the selling of the bigger-scale stuff. This isn’t right for everyone and is only something you should really consider if you’re really serious about travelling for a prolonged period of time. For example, you’re likely to make a large sum if you sell your car on – providing that you no longer need it.

A lot of people who want to travel also find themselves tied into a mortgage and wonder how they can possibly make traveling work with such a big commitment at home, so they end up selling the property. Of course the selling process itself is generally expensive and long winded, and if you’re looking to up and off in the near future this might not be right for you. If you’re wondering how to get a quick sale on your house you could try Ready Steady Sell; a quick-sale company that buy properties instantly for cash, and this is ideal for someone in this situation – however remember to weigh up the pros and cons first and to decide what really is most important to you.

Keep the End Goal in Sight

solo travel


Above all else, remember why it is you’re saying and doing the things that you’re doing. Never lose sight of what’s important, and if that’s solo traveling to you, then everything else will seem less important by comparison. Happy traveling!