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7 Types of Content to Perk Up Your eLearning Program

by Sinke Car

Learning management systems are indeed a great way to conduct corporate training and enhance the desired skills of your employees. However, simply equipping employees with eLearning programs shall not solve all of your problems. You need to pay attention to its content as it is the main driving factor.

So, are your learners engaging with your eLearning program and it is providing them an effective learning curve? If your current training outcomes are falling flat, it’s time you reconsider those and add variety to your eLearning content by including the below-mentioned content types in your training.

Slide Presentations


Slide Presentations or decks are one of the most popular eLearning content formats for the sole reason that they are pretty appealing and one can easily add different images, visuals, text, animations, graphics, and the likes. It is already a commonly accepted format which users enjoy learning from, hence it must be adopted however, one thing to be taken care of is avoiding too much text per slide. While some of the LMS platforms allow you to add slide presentations directly into the platform and customize the experience, there are others which may integrate those with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google slides.



Adding videos to your eLearning program is always a great idea to attract the audience and break the monotony which prevails with the continuity of plain text. Via compelling and informative videos, users are better able to improve audience engagement as they deliver content in a manner which is interesting to follow.

Charts and Graphs


Charts and graphs in any eLearning training must be included without saying! While you use compelling numbers and statistics, make sure to visually represent the same and grab eyeballs. On occasions when you aren’t able to research one, make sure to create it yourself via different editing tools available.



Gamification is the latest eLearning trend and is definitely here to stay. With the latest advancements taking place, it can be said that gamification might be the future of eLearning. Hence, adding games to your eLearning training material goes without saying. Moreover, it is crucial for maintaining the interest of your audience and providing them with a chance to interact and have fun. You can include different game modules, leader-boards, and achievement badges where learners can track progress.


Including short interview videos with any of the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) or any industry leaders to convey best practices and expert advice is a sure short method to enhance the audience’s knowledge while being interesting at the same time. A good interview is the one which includes a short personal anecdote followed by a few tips to help learners grasp the key points in no time.

Animated GIFs and Memes


Animated GIFs and memes are doing wonders all over social media. Hence, their popularity is not unknown and you must try including them in some way or the other. This will not only help illustrate your point but also add a fun element to their learning. Moreover, you can easily create GIFs yourself by just collecting some of your images of a product or a process feature and combining them via some of the free GIF makers available online.



When explaining a new product working or a process or workflow, checklists are a great going! Draw the attention of your learners by simply listing down the action items to be completed by them throughout the training module. It is a great way to keep track of what all things need to be completed and by when.

Now that you’re aware of the different types of content to be included in your eLearning training, get set and adopt these today! If you’re still not convinced, check out the other content types via eLearning content providers directory by visiting here.