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6 Most Followed Accounts on Twitter

by Nina Smith

Living in the world of advanced technology is quite fun. People do not understand how lucky they are for living in an era of social media. Of course, we do not want to say everything you see there is real. Despite that, we also do not want to say you should forget about real life. Going outside is necessary for many reasons. Despite in-person communication, you will also get many overall health benefits. Physical activity needs to be your priority even during the winter days.

One of the social media networks that we would like to analyze is Twitter. It is a platform where people discuss different subjects. You can find users from all parts of the world actively sharing some content there. It is also a place that most celebrities gladly use. According to certain statistics, musicians are the most dominating group of people on that platform. However, you will also manage to find politicians and athletes.

Twitter does not only serve as a source of entertainment. It can also be a great advertising tool. That is the reason why you will manage to find many brands promoting their products and services there.

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If you want to become successful on Twitter, there are two things you should know. First of all, you should buy Twitter followers. We know many people will disagree with that. However, we are not talking here about fake followers. You can buy real followers that will promote your Twitter account. In that way, you will manage to gather more followers for a short period. If that seems like a good option for you, we recommend you read more about that service on the link that we attached.

Despite that, you should also look for inspiration. Many Twitter accounts attract thousands of new people each day. That is the reason why we would like to talk about the most followed accounts on Twitter. You should analyze their account and try to find the reason why they got the attention of many users. Let’s get started.

1. Barack Obama

Source: usnews.com

Believe it or not, the former president of the United States has around 128 million followers. However, that should not surprise you a lot. The president of the strongest country in the world will always attract millions of people. His popularity on Twitter started in 2019. His positive New Year became viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

You probably think the two-term president is talking about politics there. However, that happens rarely. He mostly tweets about some other activities. More precisely, he usually talks about the Obama Foundation and things he managed to achieve with his organization.

2. Justin Bieber

Source: billboard.com

As we said, musicians are dominating on Twitter, and Justin Bieber is the best example of that. He has around 114 million followers on Twitter. However, keep in mind he is present on that platform for a long time. Since 2010, and his hit “Baby”, he managed to gain massive popularity on that platform. Of course, some other celebrities are following him on that platform as well. For instance, some of his followers are Iggy Azalea, Queen Latifah, and Jaden Smith. These celebrities also have a massive influence on the Twitter community.

Still, there is something specific about Justin Bieber that we have to highlight here. In most cases, celebrities are trying to promote something. They usually promote their songs, movies, and sponsors. However, Justin Bieber is not different from any other Twitter user. He mostly shares content similar to millions of people that are following him.

3. Katy Perry

Source: mogujatosama.rs

One of the most popular pop singers in the world also has a successful Twitter career. We are sure that many people still do not know that Katy Perry started her singing journey in Church. However, things have changed a lot since her first steps. Despite the popularity in all parts of the world, she also has nearly 110 million followers on Twitter. That is the reason why she got the reward for the most influential woman on that social media.

The posts Katy Perry shares there are also not promotional. She often shares her thoughts and comments on certain happenings in the world. However, she is more active compared to the previous two celebrities on our list.

4. Rihanna

Source: popcravenews.com

You probably understand now why we said musicians are the most successful people on Twitter. The third-place goes to the megastar that has fans in all parts of the world. Despite that, she is also an entrepreneur that works with beauty products. Thanks to her singing talents as well as her brand, she managed to attract around 100 million people on Twitter.

In the last couple of months, she was extremely active around presidential elections. She was criticizing Donald Trump for many reasons. However, she was especially focused on songs that Donald Trump was using at his rallies.

Logically, politics is not the only thing you can find on her profile. She actively shares promotional posts as well as some personal tweets.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Source: insider.com

People have different opinions when we talk about soccer players. Some of them will say Ronaldo is the best in the world, while others will support his competitor Lionel Messi. However, without any doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular athlete on Twitter. So far, he has managed to attract more than 90 million followers on that platform. That is the reason why he is the fourth most influential man on Twitter.

Some of his followers are also popular on Twitter. Yet, there is one interesting fact we would like to highlight here. Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO, is also following him. We are sure that is a big honor for one of the best players in the world.

In most cases, he shares photos of himself and his family. However, he also shares content associated with the games of his club.

6. Taylor Swift

Source: thetropixs.com

Taylor Swift, a famous pop singer, has around 88 million followers on Twitter. She is the most influential person on that social media network. However, there is something more entertaining about her Twitter account. Believe it or not, the famous pop star rarely tweets. She was active in 2018 when she tweeted around 20 times. However, that is nothing compared to the people that we mentioned here.