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6 Reasons Why Every Home Needs to Have a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

by Nina Smith

The times when robots will actually be used for helping us around like we used to daydream about or see in the movies have finally arrived. In many forms, but the ones that households find extremely useful are the robot vacuum cleaners.

So many different vacuum cleaners have been introduced to the market in the past two decades, that at one point you’re left completely confused about what is the smartest appliance to buy. It started out with the normal ones, containing only a filter and a bag, then they developed those with water. Everyone was convinced they are by far the best solution, but changing the water is sometimes such a stinky job… To avoid cleaning the stinky water, you HAD TO do it right away, otherwise, if it sits for an hour, you’re going to vomit. Then, HEPA filters came out to the market. And everyone thought this is it… However, cleaning the vacuum after the choirs are done, in these models was less stinky, but still one hell of a job.

We are now finally in the era when the robots took over. Time to rest from house choirs, finally. Robot vacuum cleaners came to the rescue and there are a couple of different models to choose from. If you want to browse for the most popular at the market, check out at veavon. But if you want to find out why every home needs to have one in their household, keep reading this article.

1. It saves you from the boring housework

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Vacuuming is one of probably the most hated household chores. While it doesn’t have that ‘yuck’ effect like cleaning the toilet bowl or the seeing of cleaning the dust, pulling out a noisy and bulky vacuum cleaner is an effort of its kind. No wonder you avoid it as much as you can, and no wonder vacuum cleaner robots are becoming so popular.

Surely, you’re in a constant debate with your family about who is going to do the vacuuming, and surely you have introduced it as a punishment method. That’s why it’s the most common reason household members are arguing with each other. Not only that, but you always have that one household member who is never satisfied with how well it’s done.

2. They’re much more convenient than regular vacuums

The normal vacuum cleaner requires to be dragged around the house. If you want to move from one room to another, you need to unplug it each time and plug in the next room. Unless you have 50 kilometers of cable available. Additional thing that frustrates is the fact that you can hit a corner of the wall, causing the part to fall off. They require constant detangling.

These robots don’t have cables that you can’t untangle nor will you hit the vacuum cleaner tubes everywhere. They require minimal effort from you; you can control them from the armchair using the remote control or mobile app. They are very successful at handling food leftovers scattered on the floor, shoe dirt, dust, hence they are an ideal solution for maintaining clean floors and quick cleaning.

3. Navigating it through the house can be fun

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These cleaners will turn your hard housework into something you are almost looking forward to. Especially in the case when you delegate the task to your kids. It will stop being the punishment, and become a fun activity. Usually, they can work in three modes of operation and dust detectors and can clean floors flawlessly during the day, but in a limited area. The best thing about them is that they are controlled by a mobile application on smartphones or tablets.

Camera navigation and mapping are a really great asset in detecting the areas affected most by the dirt. It also comes with an easy-to-use app that will be able to send you notifications about things and give you detailed cleaning reports. The icing on the cake is the ability to communicate with your vacuum with a voice command.

4. They require minimum assistance

More or less all these cleaners work basically in the same way: they travel without help around your house on a pair of wheels, sucking the dirt off your floors. They have two to four brushes on the bottom that rotate down and to the side to clean both the floors and edges of the walls and direct the affected dirt towards the suction area or directly towards the small, filtered dust bag. When cleaning is complete or their battery starts to drain, they return to their charging station. So, there’s really a minimum necessity of interfering with its operations.

5. It has more working modes than the regular vacuum

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Just as you can set your regular vacuum cleaner to clean parquet or carpet, you can do the same with this cleaner. One thing separates them from the regular one, though. Most can change the suction and other functions to adapt to different floor surfaces, whether the robot does it itself or you do it yourself.

It may also have a mode for more concentrated cleaning of a smaller area, for example, if you spill something. Some have the option to set whether you would like them to go over the surface once or twice, or to concentrate only on cleaning along the walls, and so on.

6. They’re smart

These cleaners ‘see’ the world using a combination of sensors (and they have quite a lot of them). Height sensors allow them to see the rise in floor height, such as a step. Other sensors tell it that it can hit the object and therefore must change direction, or that it is near the wall and that it can follow it. Next, some sensors tell it how far it has gone. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the cleaner may also have sensors that estimate how much dirt there is to select a suitable mode of operation.

All of this should be enough for you to purchase one if you haven’t done so, yet.