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Reopening Family-friendly Destinations To Visit Soon

by Elsa Stringer

Choosing a post-COVID-19 pandemic vacation destination will undoubtedly be challenging for many, particularly throughout the early part of the summer season. First, you need to look for a destination that is safe and open.

Then, you need to search for a place that’ll be entertaining and enjoyable for the whole family, especially your teens, who are usually the hardest members of the family to satisfy. Also, you need to try to get them mentally prepared about spending some time with the family because they have already spent the last months with you.

For a little help, here are four family-friendly destinations that have revealed their reopening dates. Read on to know more!

San Juan, Puerto Rico


In the United States territory, tourists are already welcome back. However, take note that all commercial flights are diverted to San Juan. Here, incoming tourists and visitors will need to submit themselves to a health screening upon arrival.

Also, guests must undergo a temperature check and a brief interview. Keep in mind that the fourteen-day quarantine protocol for incoming guests is still applicable once you arrive. Moving on to an easy getaway, Puerto Rico is a place where no currency exchange or passport is required.

The weather on this Caribbean island is idyllic with crystal-clear water and sandy beaches. Think about a staycation at Fairmont El San Juan, which is amazingly situated between the Isla Verde Beach and downtown. Thus, your entire family can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Your kids can unwind in poolside cabanas. What’s more, Fairmont El San Juan takes pride in its amenities like parasailing, banana boats, jet skis, watersport rentals, and pro-level tennis courts.

Aside from the beach, if your kids love outdoor activities, the Toro Verde Adventure Park should be part of your itinerary. It is an ecological adventure park with zip-lining activities. Make sure to reserve accommodation in advance through online booking sites like PlanetofHotels.

Colorado Springs, Colorado


This place is perfect for your family vacation because of the beautiful scenery, weather, and the activities your entire family can leverage. And the Broadmoor Resort located at the base of the Rocky Mountains allows you to do it all.

There is a plethora of activities and spectacular weather, which makes it a perfect destination to get your kids outside and away from their smart devices. What’s more, you can reserve a family tee time to play tennis, take falconry lessons, play pickleball, and more.

After all these activities, you can relax and unwind in the spa. The 20 restaurants and cafés and 23 boutiques, according to Broadmoor’s website, will reopen in phases. Although they may not all be open during your stay here, they still offer teens some sort of freedom at the resort while being safe on the property.

Key West, Florida


If you’re looking for tropical destinations, Key West should be on your list. Like Miami, Key West has great weather yet at a slower pace. Consider the hotel The Reach Key West that offers amazing beach getaway that’s perfect for all ages, particularly teens.

The hotel has a lot of outdoor activities that your kids can enjoy, such as beach volleyball and bocce ball, as well as the beach and oceanfront pool.



Iceland will start to lift restrictions on international guests on June 5, according to its tourism minister. Why go to Iceland now? Well, boredom, especially your kids’ boredom is no match for the land of fire and ice.

Many natural wonders will leave your kids in awe, for example, geysers, hot springs, thundering waterfalls, ice caves, glaciers, and volcanoes. Nordic Visitor, a tour operator, provides unique and curated Iceland family tours that allow teens to see extraordinary landscapes.

However, they can engage in outdoor activities, as well. Take whale watching, glacier hiking, caving, and horseback riding, for instance. You can even cook a meal on the earth at one of the many geothermal parks. What’s more, you can learn about the history of Vikings and try Icelandic ice cream as well. Or if you are a huge fan of Game of Thrones, you can visit some of the film locations.

Tadiandamol Trek, India


The scenic vistas of the Tadiandamol Trek offer exciting adventures for all the thrill loving individuals to unveil the wild side of this beautiful trekking spot. Being one of the highest peaks in Coorg, the Tadiandamol trek is perfect for both the local and international travelers. Families can book a package and get detailed info about Tadiandamol trek, here.

This 2-day trekking expedition will help you unwind from all your stresses. The stunning green Shola forests of the Tadiandamol and the aroma arising from the nearby coffee plantations offer a feast for every single soul that aims to reach here.
Trek distance – 6 km
Maximum altitude –1748 meters
Start Point – Nalknad Palace
End Point – Nalknad Palace



Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have had to cancel or postpone our travel plans for the year 2024. But many people are still thinking about where destinations to visit when it is safe to do so.

Fortunately, many countries or nations have lifted some of their restrictions and have welcomed back international travelers. If you are looking to take your family to a nice vacation, the list of destinations above may interest you. They are about to reopen soon, and because coronavirus is still a threat to the world, expect some changes to your vacation. Always follow protocols to keep you and your family safe.