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4 Questions to Ask a Computer Technician Before He Stars Work

by Jajce d Muckic

Computers are delicate machines that are used in our everyday lives. But if your computer breaks down and is out of warranty, do you go out and buy a new one or do you consider taking it to a computer technician?

A lot of people do not wish to deal with such problems, so their first inclination is to buy a new machine. While this is not the worst decision, it certainly is a decision not well thought out.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the 4 questions you should ask a computer technician that will help you in making the decision whether on whether to repair, or to replace your computer.


1.    Ask for Their Qualification and Credentials

Before you do anything, try to have a friendly and informative conversation with a computer technician. Ask the computer technician whether he has a legitimate college degree related to computers. You can also ask if he has any kind of certification that proves his credibility. The bad thing about certifications, though, is that they are vendor-specific. Microsoft offers certifications related to its products, Oracle also has specifications, Dell, IBM, and Cisco as well, but they are all vendor-specific.

2.    Ask About Their Experience and References

This is a fairly reasonable question to ask. Before we let someone touch our stuff, we have to make sure that they know what they’re doing, and if they are any good at it. The question can be framed anything along the lines of “how many years of experience do you have in computer repair?” or “can I see some proof of customer references?”

Most computer technicians and computer repair services have their references set aside, according to NexgenTec. Most computer technicians also have reviews on Google, so that is a great place to start.


3.    What’s his Specialty?

Back on the subject of certifications, we mentioned how Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, all offer certifications about their products. Well, another vendor that does the same is Apple. Apple offers certifications for their products. The Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) or Apple Certified Technician Coordinator (ACTC) is two of the certifications that Apple offers. But what do these certifications mean? These certifications mean that a specific person, whom the certification is awarded to, has basic to advanced skills and knowledge to repair your Mac.


4.    Ask For Their Rates

Once you’ve gotten to know everything there is about the computer technician, it’s now time to ask about the business. Before you leave your computer in his workplace, make sure to ask for his rates. However, talking about money in the computer repair service field is very tough. The people in charge of repairing our computers are often times exploited by family members, or by previous customers who are expecting a lifetime of free tech support.

This is the reason why computer technicians in the United States usually charge about $50 – $70 per hour. Some go with a flat rate and some bill hourly. But another important question to ask is what the minimum fee they can charge is, or how much should you expect the repair to take. It’s not worth your time or money for the computer technician to bill you a total of $500 when you can buy a new PC for less than $700.