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5 Popular Apps People Use Daily

by Jajce d Muckic

In this modern World, the use of Apps has become an integral part of man. Apps are now used for everything ranging from your calendar to your Rolodex to your primary email outlet. There are also much more uses than that, if only you have the proper tools to make use of.

In this piece of article you’ll find a list of some of the most useful apps every modern person should have on its phone.

Thus, it ranges from how to cook to how to cope in the case of a deadly snake bite, these apps will make any man’s life easier.

Distiller App

Img source: TechRepublic.com

The distiller app was once the right app to inform you what bewerage to drink.

It does not matter what your taste is like, the Distiller app offers personalized recommendations based on your choice and still goes a long way to offer expert tasting notes so that you can create a nice impression to your friends.

The app is also available on iOS and Android for free.

Hotel Tonight App

Img source: Refinery29.com

Hotel Tonight is an App on your on phone that does a great deal for you by helping you with a place you are going  to stay — like, right now. To find a place to stay is as easy as opening the app and choosing one of the cheapest and unsold rooms at your disposal. The App is also available on iOS and Android for free and can be downloaded from app store or Google play store.

NYTimes Crossword App

Img source: OneZero.com

This is an App well known for keeping your mind busy when you’re bored and need to pass the time. Instead of looking for a Chocolate Crush to eat you can instead entertain yourself with something a little bit more challenging, like the world’s best crossword puzzle while you wait for the train.

Note that the App is also available for free on iOS with free and in-app purchases, and can as well be downloaded from App store or Google play store,

Weber’s Grill App

Img source: weber.com

With Weber’s Grill app, it shows you how to cook things, how long it takes to cook things, and lots of grilling tips you did not know all the while. You really don’t need to be a grill master, but at the end everyone will think you’re one. The weber’s grill app is available for free on iOS and Android and can be downloaded from any app store.

Lyft App

Img source: Fortune.com

Lyft  app is an app meant for  rideshare users.  Lyft is a rideshare service that renders  transportation services to its customers just like Uber. Riders can use the lyft app for various purposes which include like vacations, cruising around town, ensuring a safe ride home after a drink or two, or three, for getting another ride after a car breakdown, for business meetings etc. The app is available on IOS and android. To get some of the best discounts for these kind of service visit Ridesharefeed.