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Take a Look at the Possible Redesign of the Toyota Tundra

by Elsa Stringer


The popular SUV by the famous Japanese brand is apparently set to receive a fresh new look, if this rendering preview of the new upcoming truck is to be believed. The current model of the Tundra has been on the market for more than 13 years, which is practically an eternity in the car industry.

Finally, the company has decided to update their longstanding model in favor of a brand new one. So far, it is known that the truck is planned as the 2024 model, and that it is going to have more power, far more technology, and a much better design and look than the current model. Unfortunately, the prototypes are all camouflaged, so over the past few months, not many details could be seen. Therefore, we must improvise when it comes to the new model. Read on to learn more.


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What will it look like?

Since information is limited as of yet, there is only so much we can use. Most likely, the new Tundra will borrow a lot of things from other contemporary Toyota cars and trucks, mainly the amazing and popular RAV4 and the Highlander models. We can then easily visualize what the 2024 Toyota Tundra will look like, and with some help from Photoshop, make a convincible rendering. If it ends up looking at least close to this, it is safe to say both the fans and critics will be more than happy.


In the front, this proposed concept borrows the grille from the Tacoma TRD Pro, while the headlights are straight from the RAV4, but somewhat bigger and better sculpted to fit the famous Tundra body curves. On the other end, the taillights, the wheels, and the whole side profile are brand new, so if this ends up being the new 2024 Tundra, we can expect one edgy from Toyota.


Of course, what’s under the hood is also quite important, but again, we can only speculate. It is almost certain that the new Tundra will use a 3.5-liter hybrid V6 twin turbocharged engine, borrowed from Lexus. This power mill will give the new truck a maximum of 450 horsepower. An electric assist tis also a viable option, especially if Toyota wants to go greener with their models.



As mentioned, we are not sure when Toyota plans to showcase their new 2024 Toyota Tundra, but like with the current model, it should have a very long life cycle. The public has been patient for almost 15 years, so we hope it comes soon!