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15 Favorite Hobbies of the Richest People in the World

by Elsa Stringer

Hobbies are great for those who want to relax during their free time, but not all hobbies cost the same amount of money. While most people enjoy sports or some kind of art, rich peple like their luxury yachts. Some of them enjoy extreme hobbies, for example collecting cars, yacht parties, playing golf or charity work. After doing some research, we present you the a list of 15 Favorite Hobbies of the Richest People in the World.

15. Skiing


Skiing has been popular for decades and was used as a way of transport and in military operations. It became a sport about 300 years ago. Skiing is many people’s favourite outdoor activity. Some billionaires even buy their own skiing resorts so they could enjoy riding downhill in peace. Roman Abramovich even planned to buy the Courchevel resort, one of the most famous resorts in France.

14. Flying


You don’t need to have skills for this hobby, the most important thing is that you have money to afford it. Getting a PPL (Private Pilot License) costs about $10.000, and an average plane costs way more, around $100.000 for a second hand one. This hobby is enjoyed mostly by the wealthy man, since it’s very expensive. The band Iron Maiden has their own tour plane, a Boeing 747 named Ed Force One.

13. Golf


Some find golf very boring while others think it’s very calming. Clint Eastwood and Donald Trump enjoy playing golf along with many other rich people. They are members of the most exclusive golf clubs and play golf on the best courses in the world. if you are interested in joining a golf club, you can contact them here.

12. Polo


Polo is a gentleman’s sport. It’s played by most of the royal family’s members. Polo is a luxury, classic and sophisticated hobby. You need a certain degree of erudition in order to play it and it requires investments. Buying a horse and becoming a member of a polo club is quite pricey.

11. Hunting


Depending on the country, this hobby can be very expensive. Owning a gun costs a lot, as well as paying hunting taxes and expedition expenses. If someone wants to hunt more exotic animals the prices go much higher.

10. Reading


It’s one of the cheaper hobbies, but some rich man like to splurge and buy themselves a huge library. Reading is useful since it develops better thinking which is required in any type of businesses.

9. Philanthropy


It’s considered to be one of the most common hobbies of wealthy people. It is estimated almost 50% of the richest people in the world do charity work in order to feel better about themselves. Some of them even start their own charitable foundations which requires a huge amount of money they are willing to give away to those who need it.

8. Sailing

The prices of this sport can vary, depending on the size of the boat or ship. Some like to buy big fancy yachts that they can sail on, for example George Clooney. Sailing is a noble sport, but Carribbean yacht partying is one of the most expensive hobbies.

7. Race Car Driving


Wild rides are much loved by wealthy people who like the feeling of adrenaline pumping inside their veins. They may sometimes be mad after getting a few laps but these high performance machines make them very happy. A few minutes on the race track can even cost around $1000.

6. Owning Collections


Rich people like to collect art pieces, antiques, bags, shoes, watches, jewelry and classic cars. It usually becomes a very expensive hobby. Finding more and more high value things makes them enjoy this hobby even more.

5. Equitation


In the past this used to be one of their favourite hobbies, and it’s recently becoming popular again. Having a horse is very expensive and complicated. It’s a lot more common for the rich to try this hobby compared to the usual people.

4. Winemaking


Tasting luxury wines is one of the things rich people like to do very much, but some of them even grow vineyards and make their own wine. Many of their villas include wine cellars and wineries and they can afford to make their own wine which will later be stored in one of them.

3. Running


Running is one of the healthiest hobbies, but many ordinary people consider it a hard thing to do. Most rich people have a habit of doing some sort of fitness, even if their job does not require them to be in a good shape. It’s not expensive and should be done by everyone.

2. High Altitude Mountain Climbing


Mountain Climbing was invented by nobles to separate themselves from the ordinary people. Hiking, trekking and climbing are becoming very popular as a type of exercise, but high altitude mountain climbing is usually done by the rich. Climbing some of the most famous mountains is very pricey and there is always a big risk for injury or even death. Climbing Everest nowadays usually starts at the price around $35.000 and can get higher than $100.000. The taxes for reaching the highest peaks cost a fortune. Many rich people like this type of adventure and are willing to pay huge amounts of money to get to the top of the highest mountains.

1. Traveling


Traveling is becoming available to a larger amount of ordinary people, but there are still some who can not afford it. Wealthy people have plenty of time and cash to spare on travelling, first class airline tickets, exotic destinations and luxury hotels.