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13 Celebrities Who Got Tattoos Honouring Their Children

by Nebojša Vujinović

Many celebrities love having tattoos, that being something cool but meaningless, or something very special. Many decided covering their body in tattoos, and they usually say when you start you always want some more. We have also witnessed some of them regret doing them and removing tattoos, especially those they did names of faces of their exes.

There are types of tattoos that we are sure none of them will ever regret doing, and those are the ones dedicated to their children. Some love having their kid’s names written on the skin, but we can also see tattoos with children’s writings which successful tattoo masters copied from the paper to the body. Here is a list of cool parents who did tattoos in honour of their children.

1. Eminem

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Eminem is one of those celebrities who loves tattoos, has many of them, and all are meaningful to him. He never regretted doing any of them, especially ones connected to his family.
Eminem honoured his daughter Hailie many times in his song, even naming one of them “Hailie’s song”. That’s why it is not an odd thing he did a tattoo with her face when she was a little girl on his right arm. This is his reminder of how time flies so fast, as Hailie is already 25 now.

2. Gigi and Zyan

source: thegreatcelebrity.com

The new parents of a beautiful daughter Khai were quite secretive about her name when she was firstborn. They didn’t want to give much detail about anything to any newspapers. They decided to reveal their daughter’s name by tattooing Khai on their arms in Arabic. We first so it in Zyan’s wrist in February, and later on Gigi’s arm when she was doing a vlog. She confirmed the baby’s name by writing Khai’s mom on her Instagram.

3. Kylie Jenner

Not only did she hide her daughter’s name, but Kylie’s entire pregnancy was a huge secret. After she gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter, which we can now see in many of Kylie’s photos and videos, she named her Stormi. This quite unusual but interesting and cute name, Kylie tattooed on her right arm, just above her elbow.

4. Steph and Ayesha Curry


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You must admit that the actress and the NBA player are such creative parents, with amazing and interesting tattoos. They are both very spiritual, and their tattoos are proof of that. Each of the tattoos dedicated to their children is represented through a symbolic geometric animal.

5. Taye Diggs

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Taye came up with a great idea for a tattoo to honour his son Walker. He took one of his son’s writings which says ‘I Love You Daddy’ and tattooed it on his left arm. He also imprinted his drawings of two dinosaurs on his left forearm and a little girl on left upper arm. He also wrote ‘ DADDY LOVES WALKER’. Isn’t that sweet?!

6. Michael Buble

source: tatufoto.com

Michael Buble’s son Noah had a really tough childhood, because he was diagnosed with cancer at age of three. Now he is cancer-free at age of six, and Michael honoured him with a tattoo of his name on his wrist.

7. Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie has 3 of her adoptive children, and three children she had with the actor Brad Pitt. They were all born in different countries and Angelina decided to do a map of the coordinates of their birthplaces: Maddox in Cambodia, Pax in Vietnam, Zahara in Ethiopia, Shiloh in Namibia, and twins Vivienne and Knox in France.

8. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend


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Chrissy has many cool tattoos, and one of our favourites is definitely dots on her hand, which in Morse code means ‘I love dots’. The one she is John did in honour of their children is a beautiful writing of their names. On Chrissy’s arm is a tattoo saying ‘John Luna Miles’ and on John’s ‘Chrissy Luna Miles’. Isn’t this adorable.

9. Lenny Kravitz


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Lanny Kravitz is so cool and it’s not a surprise his tattoo honouring his daughter Zoe is phenomenal. He did a ‘Z’ on his finger, which looks like Zorro did it with his swords.
Even though she is no longer a kid, meaning he did a tattoo now that he is older, it is a nice detail.

10. Jessica Alba

source: i.dailymail.co.uk

Jessica Alba also did an awesome and interesting tattoo. After she had her third child, she decided to imprint the zodiac signs of each child on her arm. Even though the tattoos are not that visible, it’s still beautiful, and most importantly meaningful to her.

11. Drew Barrymore

source: tattoomenow.com

Drew has many tattoos on her body some with a meaning and some without, but the most special one was the tattoo she did for her two beautiful daughters Olive and Frankie. She wrote their names on a paper and inked it on her right wrist. This looks so gentle and lovely.

12. Kanye West

source: india.com

Kanye always had some crazy ideas, and one of those was to tattoo his daughter’s birth date on his forehead. Thankfully he did that on his wrist, writing North’s birthday in Roman numerals. He also honoured his late mother’s birthday on the other wrist.

13. Wiz Khalifa

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Kanye maybe didn’t tattoo his face, but Wiz Khalifa definitely did. Amongst the few tattoos we can see on his face, there is one dedicated to his son Sebastian, which says Bash, known as his son’s nickname.