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What Are The Qualities Of A Good Software Developer?

by Sinke Car

Broadly, software developers are people who stand behind every app or program on our computers and smart phones. However, even though their primary job is to create certain program, they deal with numerous other jobs in order to achieve that goal.

In other words, software developers are concerned with analyzing the needs of users. In accordance with the users’ needs, they develop ideas for a product. Then they start working on it. Also, they are involved in testing what they have created. Not only are they concerned with all of the above, but they also take care of collaborations with other specialists.

Therefore, it seems that software developers have to possess a set of certain skills in order to achieve all of their goals and tasks. Have you ever wondered what the qualities of a good software developer are? In case you are interested in finding out how to recognize/become a good one in this field, please continue reading the following article.

1. Communication skills


A good software developer is supposed to be able to communicate well with others. One of the most important traits of this job is team work. In order to create something, these people collaborate with each other, talk about plans and ideas, and eventually work together on developing a program.

In that sense, good one will always want to hear other people’s opinions, ideas and suggestions, and he/she will be comfortable with speaking about their own. Furthermore, they have to be open to constructive criticism, since that is one of the ways in which ideas evolve into something greater.

2. Reliability


When a person works on developing a program, the most important thing is reliability. What does this mean? A good software developer must have flawless work ethic and be responsible towards his/her tasks. Also, reliability means that other people, such as colleagues, can count on him/her anytime. Moreover, responsibility towards time and tasks is definitely a must.

3. Education and Experience


Typically, software developers have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science. Therefore, at university they, as students, are trained when it comes to different skills (problem-solving and analytical skills, paying attention to detail, etc).

Even though education is important, experience seems to be of equal importance when it comes to this job. Through experience and practical work, these professionals evolve as specialists. Furthermore, the practical work is important because it allows all the theoretical knowledge to be applied. The important thing to bear in mind is that nobody is born educated and experienced. This leads us to the next quality of a good software developer.

4. Desire to acquire knowledge

Even though software developers went to university, the good ones will observe this only as a starting point for further improvement. Hence, one of the best qualities to have for this job is constant thrill to learn something new and acquire new set of skills. Also, this job requires you to follow the trends on the market, and analyze the new tendencies in the industry.

5. Seeking new opportunities and good companies


Stepping out of the comfort zone is crucial for any job, especially software developing. One of the qualities of a good software developer is related to looking for new opportunities and assessing which of them are worth taking up. In accordance with that, working for a good company, which will value the effort of the software developer himself/herself is equally important.

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